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AICA Conyers Chiropractors and DoctorsThe Chiropractors at AICA Conyers include board certified specialists in Orthopedics, Neurology, Physical Therapy, and pain management. Our diverse team of physicians offers you the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment you deserve.

Our diverse team of physicians offers you the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment you deserve.

Orthopedics – Our Orthopedic Doctors specialize in injuries specific to the skeletal system such as broken bones, carpal tunnel, sprains, and fractures.

Neurology – Our Neurology doctors specialize in injuries dealing with the brain and nervous system. These injuries include mild trauma to the brain, nerve damage, and head injury.

Pain Management – Many of our doctors are well versed in pain management which can be as simple as proper OTC pain medication or as extensive as an epidural or nerve oblation procedure.

Our Conyers Chiropractors Treat You Like Family

AICA Conyers Chiropractors are the communities most experienced accident injury specialists, helping thousands of patients over the last 20 years recover and return to their normal routines.

Our staff is helpful, friendly, and are experts at providing the best experience possible on your path to recovery.

Our goal is to create a family atmosphere and develop long-term relationships with our patients and their families. We understand the difficulty of enduring pain and trying to coordinate with attorneys and insurance companies.

That’s why we make every effort to provide a comfortable experience while you’re being treated at AICA Conyers.

Chiropractic Treatment For All Types of Accident Injuries & Chronic Conditions

At AICA Conyers, we treat all different types of accident injuries and chronic conditions on a daily basis.

From chronic headaches and debilitating migraines to bone fractures and back pain, our Chiropractors offer holistic treatment solutions that provide immediate pain relief.

Rather than use prescription medication to mask any pain or expose our patients to invasive surgery, our Chiropractors provide complete examinations to determine the source of each patient’s condition. Once we understand the root of a particular injury, we can trigger the body’s natural ability to heal itself by removing barriers that prevent the immune system and the circulatory system from functioning correctly.

This approach allows us to successfully treat a long list of chronic conditions and injuries, such as:

Orthopedic Treatment in Conyers, GA

If you need Orthopedic Treatment, you can turn to AICA Ortho Spine in Conyers.

Our experienced team of Orthopedic Doctors provides patients with treatment for fractures and other types of bone conditions.

We also treat patients who suffer from joint dislocation, address inflammation, and provide solutions that focus on long-term recovery or health.

Imaging Technology to Treat Accident Injuries and Chronic Conditions

AICA Conyers is the only Chiropractic clinic with two in-house MRI machines and a CT machine, which allows us to help each patient recovery quickly and safely.

We rely on imaging technology to pinpoint the source of each patient’s injury or pain, allowing us to provide the most appropriate treatment possible.

Diagnosing Accident Injuries and Other Chronic Conditions

As mentioned, our experienced team of Conyers Chiropractors and Orthopedic Doctors rely on multiple devices and techniques to diagnose each patient’s condition.

After following through with a complete examination, we can create a custom treatment plan that aligns with the unique characteristics of your specific injury.

This type of customization and focus allows you to experience a safe recovery, without exposing you to unnecessary medications or procedures that contain harmful side effects.

The Difference With AICA Ortho Spine In Conyers

Our unique approach to treating accident injuries and chronic conditions continues to help thousands of patients throughout the community live pain-free.

The staff at AICA Ortho Spine in Conyers can help you navigate through insurance policies, ensuring that you receive the best possible treatment without having to spend a fortune.

And, if your injury prevents you from being able to drive or reach our Conyers Chiropractic clinic, we will provide free transportation to and from your appointments.

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