Is It Whiplash?

After a car accident, there are a lot of concerns. You may be worried about the out-of-pocket expenses of an accident, the needs of your family, and how long you’ll need to wait for your car to be fixed. However, while these are important concerns, they may be distracting you from recognizing the signs of…


Conyers Chiropractic Treatment for Whiplash and Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common annoyance, and if not always curable, it is treatable. This particular kind of pain can be caused by a variety of things, including bad posture; muscle strain; pinched nerves; personal injury such as an auto accident; arthritis; a sedentary lifestyle; joint sprains; or disc injuries. In most of these cases, the…


Conyers Chiropractic Treatment For Whiplash and Chronic Neck Pain

If you sustain Whiplash Injury as a result of a car accident near Conyers, you’ve almost definitely noticed mild to significant neck pain, soreness, and limited range of motion. Perhaps, you even felt noticeably dizzy, suffer from intense headaches for no particular reason, or suddenly had difficulty concentrating at work. The symptoms connected to Whiplash Injury…


Everything You Need To Know About Whiplash and Auto Accidents

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries the Chiropractors at AICA Conyers treat. Although it is common for patients to sustain Whiplash as a result of an auto accident, many people are not aware of its symptoms or the type of permanent damage it can lead to if not treated properly. Check out the…


Whiplash Injury – What Can Conyers Chiropractors Do To Help

Whiplash is caused by sudden back and forth jerking of the head on the neck, usually associated with auto collisions. This particular condition comes in three different forms based on the extent of the injury. Although it is important to understand the type of injury someone sustains after an accident, the right news is that…


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