Workmans Comp

The Risks Of Ignoring Work and Car Accident Injuries

Accidents occur when we least expect them to. Between frequent, long commutes and hazards that exist within the workplace, more than six million Americans sustain injuries each year while operating a vehicle or performing their professional duties. Unfortunately, too many accident victims try to ignore their pain or refuse to seek medical attention for one reason…


Have A Work-Related Injury? Call The Chiropractors at AICA Conyers

Chiropractors often treat patients who have work-related injuries caused by a sudden accident While some work injuries are due to an unexpected accident, others develop as a result of maintaining particular habits or positions for too long, like using incorrect posture or typing on a keyboard. Work zones like construction sites are particularly dangerous; however,…


Helpful Tips for Getting Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Like many things in life, receiving workers’ compensation benefits and keeping payments going are all about timing, and this time could either make or break your workers’ compensation case. Some of the most helpful tips to having a successful claim are identified below. Give a Prompt Notice If you suffer an injury at work, tell…


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