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Category Archives: Back Pain

Back Pain | May 13, 2015

Three Ways Car Accident Doctors Treat Acute Back Pain

Whether your car accident happened today or years ago, if you’re currently experiencing acute back pain you should seek treatment from a doctor who specializes in car accident injury care. The longer you wait, the greater the likelihood that you’ll develop other serious problems later on. Car accident doctors specialize…

Back Pain, Car Accident Injuries | Apr 27, 2017

Chiropractic Treatment for Back Injuries and Car Accidents

A car crash can be a seriously debilitating and stressful event in your life. It can not only lead to mild injuries, but also to traumatic brain injury. In the absence of significant brain damage, your back may have incurred injuries that require both immediate medical attention and a rehab…

Back Pain | Jul 2, 2018

Treating Back Pain For Residents In Conyers, GA

Suddenly have a sore back? Thinking to yourself, “But I didn’t even do anything!”? Contrary to what many of us think, acute back pain is not always caused by an immediate action. It’s more of “the straw that broke the camel’s back” rather than what you did a few minutes…

Back Pain | Jul 9, 2018

Scoliosis Screens For Kids In Conyers

Around age eight, you should start checking your children for scoliosis, an abnormal curve in the spine. Without early intervention, scoliosis causes serious back pain and eventually leading to arthritis in the spine. Our Conyers chiropractors want your children to grow happy and healthy, without pain. Knowing the signs of…

Back Pain | Jul 16, 2018

How Chiropractors Approach Slipped Discs

Found between each of the 24 vertebra in your spine is a special type of cartilage called the intervertebral disc. Surrounding its gummy center are bands of fibrous tissue. Slipped Disc The intervertebral disc is there to provide space between each spinal bone so pairs of nerve roots can exit…

Back Pain | Jul 23, 2018

2 Ways To Prevent Back Pain While Gardening This Summer

In this weather, many people tend their garden. Unfortunately, many of those people find themselves at their Conyers chiropractor with back pain and stiffness. Around 80 percent of the population has or will have experienced back pain at some point in their lives. Even though back pain is common, it…

What Happens if a Herniated Disc Goes Untreated

Back Pain, Herniated Disc | Oct 15, 2020

What Happens if a Herniated Disc Goes Untreated?

A diagnosis of herniated or bulging discs can be scary, especially when accompanied by the debilitating pain they often come with. You may wonder if you will ever feel normal again, or if you will need back surgery to fully recover. The good news is a treatment plan developed with…

Working from Home and Experiencing Back Pain

Back Pain | Mar 8, 2021

Working from Home and Experiencing Back Pain? Chiropractic Can Help!

If you’ve switched to a home office in recent months, you’ve probably had to make a few adjustments in your working day. This may involve a new office chair, or in some cases, needing to work from another location like your couch or bed during the day. You may notice…

Treating Lower Back Pain After a Car Accident

Back Pain, Car Accident Injuries | Jun 9, 2021

Treating Lower Back Pain After a Car Accident

Most people think of lower back pain as being associated with sitting too long at a desk or an injury from improper listing, but car accidents are another common cause of pain in the lumbar spine. While this part of your spine isn’t necessarily as likely to be moved on…


Back Pain, Neck Pain | Aug 24, 2021

Is Cracking My Neck Bad for Me?

When your neck is sore or stiff and you want immediate relief, you might consider something like turning your head side to side until you pop or crack your neck. There are many reasons you might be seeking relief, whether it is from sleeping with your head in an awkward…