Relieving Sciatica Pain with Exercise

Despite popular belief, exercise is usually better for the relief of sciatica treatment than traditional bed rest. While patients may rest for a couple of days after their pain flares up as part of their Conyers sciatica treatment plan, a period of inactivity after that can often cause the pain to worsen. Without movement and…


Helpful Tips for Preventing Whiplash

Rear end car crashes are extremely common in the United States, but many vehicles do not have adequate protection to prevent the whiplash injuries that often result from these accidents. Whiplash often refers to a rapid snapping of an individual’s head in the case of a collision. This hyperextends the neck and it can result…


Avoid Getting In An Accident

It isn’t often that we think about how dangerous driving really is. We only recognize the lethality and the responsibility that driving commands after hearing about a car accident, but in most cases we just jump in our cars and zip away from point A to point B. Unless you are in the military or…


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