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Whiplash Injury – What Can Conyers Chiropractors Do To Help
Jan 13, 2017

How Conyers Chiropractors Treat Whiplash Injury | AICA ConyersWhiplash is caused by sudden back and forth jerking of the head on the neck, usually associated with auto collisions.

This particular condition comes in three different forms based on the extent of the injury.

Although it is important to understand the type of injury someone sustains after an accident, the right news is that the Chiropractors at AICA Conyers can treat all three types of Whiplash. 

Three Types of Whiplash Injury

Whiplash I exist when there is pain but no apparent physical damage. 

The second form of Whiplash (II) is identified when a Chiropractic examination takes place, and there is bodily harm, but no neurological impact. 

Whiplash III does include both physical and neurological damage. 

How Chiropractors Approach Whiplash Injuries

There are a variety of approaches our Chiropractors take when it comes to treating Whiplash. 

One well-studied method is to continue to follow through with your routine, as remaining stagnant will only keep the muscles and ligaments that surround your neck constricted. 

Most forms of Whiplash do not include complications and recovery tend to take place faster when patients do not deviate from their regular habits, outside of strenuous activities.

For patients who exhibit symptoms that are more critical, mobilization and spinal adjustments may be required.

How You Can Support Your Recovery

Though it’s imperative to continue with your regular daily activities, this is only possible based on both the extent of tissue damage you’ve sustained, as well as your personal level of pain tolerance.

Perform as many of your usual daily activities as possible, but make sure to avoid those that result in any sharp, debilitating pain.

Getting plenty of rest is also necessary for recovery, as your body can best heal itself when you are sleeping. 

Applying ice to your injury helps reduces inflammation, and your Chiropractic will most likely recommend it over using heat, especially on a new wound.

Learn more about our approach to treating Whiplash or other conditions by scheduling a consultation with our Conyers clinic.

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