The chiropractors at AICA Conyers include board certified specialists in multiple areas including orthopedics, neurology, physical therapy, and pain management. Having a diverse team of physicians allows us to provide you with the best diagnosis and care plan possible. We believe our patients deserve the best, and our diverse group of physicians strive to meet those standards.

Car Accident Specialists: Our car accident doctors specialize in injuries that are specific to the skeletal system which include broken bones, carpal tunnel, sprains, and fractures.

Neurology: Our neurologists provide care to those who have had injuries to the brain and central nervous system. Injuries to the brain include mild trauma, damage to the nerves and injuries to the head.

Pain Management: This group focuses mainly on attacking your pain and making you comfortable. This could be anything from medication to mild procedures like a nerve ablation or epidurals.


AICA Conyers chiropractors have been servicing the community for nearly 20 years improving the lives of thousands of people and helping in getting their lives back from debilitating pain. Our staff is helpful, friendly, and provide their expertise in the recovery process.

We want more than just a patient doctor relationship, we strive to create long-term bonds with our patients as well as their family. That’s why we make every effort to provide a comfortable experience while you’re being treated at AICA Conyers.


At AICA Conyers, we treat a wide variety of injuries and chronic conditions. Our Conyers chiropractors offer holistic treatment solutions that provide pain relief from chronic headaches and debilitating migraines to bone fractures and back pain.

Each patient is evaluated and given an individualized treatment plan that best suits their needs. Rather than just prescribing medication as a baseline treatment plan we strive to solve the root of the problem of the injury and find a way to have the body heal that area in the most natural way and removing barriers that could prevent the immune system from healing the injury.

This approach allows us to successfully treat a long list of chronic conditions and injuries, such as: whiplash, Car accident injuries, endometriosis, headaches, migraines, back pain, torn rotator cuff, sports related injuries, slip and falls, arthritis and osteoporosis.


AICA Conyers provides our patients with two in-house MRI machines and a CT machine, which allows us to help each patient recovery quickly and safely. We use this technology to find the patient’s pain and create the best treatment plan for that patient.


As mentioned, our experienced team of Conyers chiropractors rely on multiple devices and techniques to diagnose each patient’s condition. After following through with a complete examination, we work hard to create the best care plan that match with the patient’s condition.

This type of individualized plan allows you to experience a safe recovery, without exposing you to unnecessary medications or procedures that contain harmful side effects.


Our unique approach to treating accident injuries and chronic conditions continues to help thousands of patients throughout the community live pain-free. AICA Conyers can help you navigate through insurance policies, ensuring that you receive the best possible treatment without having to spend a fortune.

We pride ourselves on creating strong bonds with our patients so if you are unable to find transportation to our office, we will provide free transportation to and from your appointments so we can help you in getting your life back from pain. Call us today at (404) 602-0386!

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