Conyers X-ray Services

Our Conyers Chiropractors have access to digital on-site X-rays at every location. This tool is a great starting point for diagnosis for anyone suffering from joint or spine pain as well as an initial screening to rule out fractures, dislocations or any other type of bone or joint pathology.

X-ray Services Help Diagnose Accident Injuries

X-rays are often taken from the very beginning of your treatment to help deliver the proper diagnosis. At AICA Conyers, we first look for life-threatening injuries, such as tumors and masses, as well as broken bones or fractures; however, we don’t stop there.

Comprehensive Chiropractic Treatment

Our Conyers Chiropractors are committed to your health and our multi-disciplinary approach of combining medical, chiropractic and physical therapy options allow our specialists to take a closer look. We also use X-rays to check the positions of the bones, as joint alignment is very important in our practice to help relieve the patient’s pain.
When the spine or extremity joint alignment is out of position, the patient can experience extreme immediate discomfort. Even if the pain subsides, these misaligned bones can rub together and cause pressure to build up over the long term, leading to premature degeneration or focused arthritis in the joint.
Much like the wheel on your car, our bodies are moving parts that are attached at multiple points that must all be working together to create a smooth ride. If an axle is damaged or a wheel is knocked out of alignment, your car will not run smoothly until you take it to a mechanic. Our experts have a strong understanding of bone and joint biomechanics or knowledge of where these parts should be, to ensure that your body is restored to the original factory settings so that you can continue to enjoy a painless journey through life.

Contact AICA Conyers For X-ray Services

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