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Kidney Pain

General | Jun 3, 2022

Kidney Pain vs. Back Pain: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

At some point, most of us have experienced back pain, and you may feel that you can easily identify when your back is causing you discomfort. But many other conditions, including issues with the kidneys, can cause back pain as a secondary symptom. The kidneys are organs designed to remove…

Common Causes of Hip Pain in Women

General | May 11, 2022

Common Causes of Hip Pain in Women

Your hips are two of the largest weight-bearing joints in the body. Each hip joint is a ball and socket joint designed to carry the weight of your body and support movement of the upper leg. The bones, cartilage, and soft tissues that make up the hip joint all work…

Types of Knee Injuries

Chiropractic, General | May 11, 2022

8 Different Types of Knee Injuries

Did you know that your knees carry up to six times more pressure than your body weight? That means every time you take a step, your knees are doing a lot of hard work. The knee joints are incredibly strong and built to withstand a lot of pressure and stress.…

7 Types of Diagnostic Imaging Tests

Imaging | Apr 29, 2022

7 Types of Diagnostic Imaging Tests

Medical technology has advanced tremendously in the last century, but one of the most impactful changes has been the ability to see and understand the inside of the body without making incisions. Diagnostic imaging allows for earlier diagnosis of conditions and exploration of medical mysteries. A range of tests can…

How to Protect Yourself at Amusement Parks

Accident Prevention | Apr 27, 2022

How to Protect Yourself at Amusement Parks

Whether you are taking a family vacation to a popular amusement park or spending the day at a local fairground, you’re hoping to make memories and have fun. The last thing you want to happen is to leave the park in pain or injured, especially when it was preventable. Certain…

Causes of Lower Back Pain When Walking

Chronic Pain | Apr 26, 2022

Causes of Lower Back Pain When Walking

If you search for solutions to back pain, one of the most common suggestions is to move more- exercise can often help relieve pain and be used as a method of improving the condition that caused pain. But what happens when moving is what causes you pain? It can be…

Can Back Pain Cause High Blood Pressure

Spine Care | Apr 14, 2022

Can Back Pain Cause High Blood Pressure?

When you’re in pain, it can impact every area of your life. In addition to the pain itself and being unable to participate in certain activities, severe pain for long periods of time can have an impact on the rest of the body and lead to other health issues. This…

General | Mar 23, 2022

Delayed Shock Symptoms After an Accident

Whether you were the driver or a passenger in a car accident, you may experience shock as a result of the ordeal. Shock isn’t just a condition that inflicts psychological damage; it can also affect you physically, making it an issue that requires urgent medical attention. However, what if we…

How to Get Rid of a Crick in the Neck

Chiropractors, Neck Pain | Mar 21, 2022

How to Get Rid of a Crick in the Neck

A crick in your neck may sound like a diagnosis from your great aunt, and it is a vague term that’s been used to describe general neck pain for years. But what is a crick in the neck? Is it a real condition? What does it feel like? Is it…


General | Mar 20, 2022

How Long Do Concussion Symptoms Last?

Concussions are perhaps the most common form of brain damage worldwide. Millions of concussions are reported in the United States every year from sports alone, and they seem to be an inevitability in full-contact sports such as football. Career athletes tend to feel especially restless about recovery times, but anyone…


General | Mar 13, 2022

Can Back Pain Cause Nausea?

Back pain on its own can range from mildly irritating to disabling. However, back pain is rarely ever alone. There are several other symptoms, seemingly unrelated, that tend to be comorbid with back pain, making the entire experience that much more unpleasant to endure. When it comes to these commonly…

Why Does My Head Hurt When I Cough

Headaches | Mar 7, 2022

Why Does My Head Hurt When I Cough?

Have you ever been coughing so much that you ended up with a headache too? Sometimes when you are coughing, it can put a lot of pressure on your head and result in headaches on top of your sore, aching throat. If you are searching for “why my head hurts…

Why Does My Back Crack So Much

Chiropractic | Feb 28, 2022

Why Does My Back Crack So Much?

Our backs make a popping or cracking sound for so many reasons. In fact, all the joints in our bodies can make that popping or cracking sound. You might be more familiar with cracking your knuckles and hearing that soft pop or thud as you put pressure on those finger…


General | Feb 16, 2022

Can Anxiety Cause Dizziness?

Those who suffer from chronic anxiety know that the toll it takes is not just mental but can include a large range of physical symptoms such as headaches and stomach pain. Another common side effect of both chronic and acute anxiety is a feeling of dizziness, and certain disorders may…

General | Feb 12, 2022

Text Neck: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

As technology grows and changes over the years, so do the ways our body interacts with that technology. One example is the constant use of cell phones and tablets in recent decades. These mobile devices have offered us connection and information at our fingertips, but the position we assume when…

General | Jan 31, 2022

Can a Pinched Nerve Cause Headaches?

When you think about a pinched nerve, the first thing that comes to mind might be an arm or leg that feels numb or painful- and you’d be right that these are common ways the condition manifests. But the nervous system impacts your whole body, and there are other signs…


Accident Prevention, Accident Recovery | Jan 31, 2022

Is It Bad to Crack Your Neck?

Whether it’s a habit or not, you probably know what it feels like to crack your own neck. You may wake up from sleeping in an odd position or finish a particularly long day at the computer and have the urge to roll your neck until it makes that satisfying…


Accident Prevention, Accident Recovery | Jan 31, 2022

Delayed Rib Pain After Car Accident

If you can walk away from a car accident, you probably feel very lucky- and you are. But even if you don’t have injuries that require emergency care, that doesn’t mean you have avoided pain or injuries as a result of the accident. In fact, it is extremely common for…


Accident Prevention, Accident Recovery | Dec 20, 2021

Does Insurance Cover Chiropractors?

When trying to find the right car accident doctor for you, there are so many options to consider. One important factor in deciding what type of treatment to seek for your car accident injury is whether or not your insurance will cover it. One of the most common questions chiropractors…


Accident Prevention, Accident Recovery | Dec 20, 2021

Things to Avoid with Cervical Spinal Stenosis

Neck pain can really negatively impact your daily routines and quality of life. There are a number of reasons why you might be experiencing neck pain, and one of those is cervical spinal stenosis. This lesser-known condition is actually common in adults over 5O because it is associated with general…