Chiropractic Treatment For Wrist Injuries and Pain

A wrist injury resulting from a car accident upsets a fine-tuned operation. The ligaments in the wrist are similar to tape in the way that they stabilize joints by connecting bones together.
Forceful bending of ligaments that exceeds their elasticity and range of motion causes sprains during an accident. These are known as hyperextension injuries, ranging from a minimal stretch to torn ligaments. Most sprains go untreated by people “waiting it out.” However, the long-term effects of not treating a wrist injury following a car accident could lead to the loss of functionality in your hand as time goes on.
A wrist fracture is most common from a broken radius bone, which lies two inches above the wrist joint. This is the most frequently broken bone in the arm. Setting the bone and putting it in a cast is the standard treatment. However, in the event that your wrist has multiple fractures, surgery may be required. If you injure your wrist in an accident or suffer from chronic pain, contact our Conyers Chiropractors to schedule an appointment for treatment

Wrist Injuries Treated With Custom Chiropractic Treatment At AICA Conyers

At AICA Conyers, we use a multi-tiered approach to treating our patients. We utilize state of the art imaging technology to determine the problem. Then, our Chiropractic staff creates a personalized course of treatment to make sure your bones heal properly.

AICA Conyers Offers Chiropractic Care for Wrist Pain and Injuries

After our Chiropractors have monitored the recovery of your bones, our Chiropractic team will perform necessary joint maintenance. Our Chiropractors make sure that everything is properly aligned and that nerves and blood vessels are not being pinched.
As a final step, our physical therapists will help you regain lost strength and mobility. Physical therapy strengthens the muscles that support the wrist joint and brings back its full range of motion. If you are experiencing pain in your wrist from a car accident, don’t just wait it out. Let our staff get to the heart of the issue so your wrist can function fully without pain.
Scheduling an appointment with AICA Conyers is easy. We are available for calls 24 hours a day and offer same-day appointments. Speak with one of our Chiropractic care specialists today by calling (404) 602-0386.