Conyers Post-Surgical Physical Therapy

The goal of our Conyers Chiropractors is to help you recover from your car accident using the most advanced techniques in orthopedic and chiropractic care. In most cases, our patients are able to recover without the need for surgery. However, if you do need surgery, your recovery will be facilitated through post-surgical physical therapy. Our licensed physical therapists make sure that you have the best outcome through rehabilitation after surgery.

Post Surgical Physical Therapy After a Car Accident In Conyers

AICA Conyers approach to post-surgical physical therapy is unique. Our physical therapists have the benefit of direct communication with our in-house orthopedic surgeons about each patient’s condition. This allows our physical therapists to know which motions are permitted after a surgical procedure. Knowing this information reduces the risk of re-injuring the affected area after surgery.
AICA Conyers post-surgical physical therapy team also works to help you recover from surgical procedures performed by our affiliates. For example, as our patient, you may start your treatment us and then undergo a surgical procedure with one of our affiliates. Then, you will return to ACIA Conyers after surgery to begin rehabilitation with our physical therapists.

Post-Surgical Physical Therapy Helps You Recover After An Accident

Post surgical physical therapy strengthens the muscles around joints to support them as they heal. We use treatments that take into consideration the rebuilding process of bone and soft tissue. Our physical therapists use their extensive knowledge of the body and its movements to administer treatments that restore range of motion. This allows you to resume normal activities such as walking and lifting.

Imaging Devices That Support Accident Injuries

Recovering from surgery requires consistent monitoring during follow up visits. ACIA Conyers provides this through advanced imaging that determines exactly how well you’re healing after surgery and physical therapy afterward. We not only have access to the latest X-ray machines but also CT scans and MRIs. With this cutting edge technology we can precisely monitor the progress of your healing. We also have a few open MRI machines to make you as comfortable as possible during your examination.

Complete Accident Injury Recovery Through Physical Therapy

The advantage of AICA Conyers is in our integrated approach to medical care. We seamlessly merge chiropractic, orthopedic, medical and physical therapy to provide you with everything you need to recover from your car accident. AICA Conyers continues its comprehensive care even after surgery.
When you work with our post-surgical physical therapists you also have access to our chiropractic and orthopedic teams. We also consult with our other in-house specialists as needed to give you the most extensive treatment possible. For more information on how AICA Conyers facilitate recovery through post-surgical physical therapy, give us a call at (404) 602-0386.