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Chiropractic, Headaches | Nov 17, 2015

Try These Three Tips For Treating Your Next Headache

Headaches serve as indicators that your body is either in low shortage of or completely derived of something it needs. Whether it’s rest and relaxation after a strenuous workout, consuming enough water throughout the day, or even the type of environment you’re exposed to, headaches suggest that there is some…

Chiropractic, Headaches | Jan 12, 2016

The Relationship Between Chronic Stress and Chronic Pain for Chiropractic Patients in Conyers

If you’v every wondered about the relationship between chronic pain and chronic stress, consider the following perspective. You are confined to your desk and your boss asks for a deliverable that sees you staring at a spreadsheet for hours at a time. After a while, you’re likely to become mentally…


Headaches, Whiplash FAQs | Apr 22, 2021

Does a Headache after a Car Accident Mean That I Have Whiplash?

If you’ve been in a serious car accident then you may have been checked out at the scene by paramedics or even visited the emergency room or your doctor afterward. But what if you were in a fender-bender or small car accident that didn’t seem like a big deal at…

Why Does My Head Hurt When I Cough

Headaches | Mar 7, 2022

Why Does My Head Hurt When I Cough?

Have you ever been coughing so much that you ended up with a headache too? Sometimes when you are coughing, it can put a lot of pressure on your head and result in headaches on top of your sore, aching throat. If you are searching for “why my head hurts…

Unique Ways to Overcome Migraines

General, Headaches | Jun 28, 2022

Unique Ways to Overcome Migraines

A migraine is more than just a bad headache! Some headaches may last for a long time or leave you tired and overwhelmed. While these experiences can be similar to getting a migraine, it is important to understand the difference between a migraine and a headache. A migraine is actually…

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