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The Relationship Between Chronic Stress and Chronic Pain for Chiropractic Patients in Conyers
Jan 12, 2016

The Relationship Between Stress and Pain | AICA ConyersIf you’v every wondered about the relationship between chronic pain and chronic stress, consider the following perspective.

You are confined to your desk and your boss asks for a deliverable that sees you staring at a spreadsheet for hours at a time.

After a while, you’re likely to become mentally exhausted, when your boss calls you into their office to lecture you about an upset client.

You have already spent two full work days glued to your computer screen and the work you’ve produced is still not up to par with the client’s expectations.

Is it that surprising when you suddenly feel a headache coming or being to experience sharp back pain?

Analyzing The Relationship

Considering the scenario offered above, your body position at your computer is likely framed in a way that’s not ideal for proper blood flow and circulation.

Secondly, sitting hours on end staring at a monitor is likely to cause you to bend forward, adding significant strain to your spine, upper back area, and neck.

This position also see your continuously shortening your hip flexors, which is also likely to create excessive stress that leads to pain.

When you find yourself on the short end of a sharp discussion from your boss, your shoulders tend to gravitate upward toward your ears due to the sudden onset of stress. And, when this type of scenario repeats itself on a regular basis, that’s when chronic pain begins to set in.

If you find yourself in this situation and are also experiencing problems in your personal life, say with a spouse or family member, your body is likely to continue to tighten and restrict in ways that compound the stress your body is forced to manage.

Now, think about how you feel when you wake up after getting limited sleep due to your life’s stressors and your neck is stiff or sore.

The fact is, ongoing stress that is left unmanaged causes recurring pain.

Being proactive in how you deal with your stress can help alleviate the type of aches and pain that seem to come on at particular parts of your day.

When you are stressed out, your ability to cope with life’s stress triggers diminishes, as well as your body’s ability to maintain peak conditioning.

Tips To Manage Stress and Reduce Pain

  • Visit a Conyers Chiropractor on a regular basis to receive adjustments that reduce stress and prevent/relieve pain
  • Ask your Chiropractor about:
    • healthier options for meals
    • tips on how to unwind at night so that you can sleep better
    • various stretches and techniques that allow for better circulation and reduce tension
  • Take up meditation or yoga therapy
  • Find quick ways to get away from your desk throughout the work day so your body is able to relax more.