6 Ways to Help Your Body Recover from Stress

Sep 25, 2021


Everyone has felt stressed at some point, whether it was about something small or a huge life decision. But while stress is often an emotional experience, it can have a huge physical impact on the body as well. Being stressed can impact the way you move, how you take care of your health, and how your body communicates on a daily basis. Even once the stress has left your mind, your body may be suffering the consequences. Below are some ways that a Conyers chiropractor can help your body recover so that you can continue living your life stress-free.

Get Adjusted Regularly

In a lot of modern medicine, we get treated until the acute problem is gone and then don’t visit the doctor again until it returns. While chiropractic care addresses acute issues, it is designed to be an ongoing treatment that keeps the body aligned over time. Proper alignment can prevent physical stress, as well as a range of health issues that can put a strain on your mental health.

When the spine isn’t properly aligned, it may also cause stress through physical changes. For example, if breathing is impacted, it may be difficult to regulate and have an impact on your overall disposition. Regular visits to a Conyers chiropractor will keep your spine aligned, allowing your body to work properly and removing any roadblocks to managing day-to-day stress.

Focus on Nutrition

Have you heard the term “stress eating”? It’s natural to want a treat when you’ve had a hard day, and there’s nothing wrong with some indulgence. But if you are chronically eating a poor diet, it can lead to more stress on your body. Eating a healthy and balanced diet signals to the body that all is well and it should function at the highest level. A Conyers chiropractor can advise you on the best way to manage your diet for optimal health.

Maintain an Exercise Routine

Multiple studies have shown that a regular, daily exercise routine can help manage the negative effects of stress. Exercising, even if you don’t enjoy it, releases endorphins into the body, improving mood as well as concentration, function, self-esteem, energy, and mood. This can create a feedback loop in which you’re better able to take on stressful situations, preventing your body from becoming stressed in the first place.

Stand Up Straight

This isn’t just about looking polite or alert- maintaining good posture can help your body deal with stress. Most of us sit in front of a computer desk all day, slouching and staring at a screen. When we do this for long periods of time, it can stress the body, as we weren’t made to sit that way or be so sedentary. Set a reminder on your phone to check your posture every so often and straighten up if you notice yourself slouching. It can also help to get up and walk around periodically.

Get a Massage

A massage is meant to be relaxing, and it can be a great time to shut your mind off and let go of some stressful thoughts. It can also relieve tension in your body, especially the shoulders, neck, or back. This tension can impact your ability to focus, sleep, or even participate in activities that bring you happiness. By fixing these issues, you will be better able to enjoy your days and avoid injuries that may come on from tightness or stress. Some massages are designed to feel good and be a small respite, while others target muscles and may be a bit more intense. Whatever you choose, a massage can help you relieve stress in more ways than one!


It’s important to move your body and to be cognizant of your health. But it can also be important to take a day off doing something you enjoy, like reading a book or baking some cookies. Find activities that bring you joy and make time in your schedule to indulge! You also need to ensure you’re sleeping enough each night, as a lack of sleep can take a toll on your immune system, physical comfort, and mental health.

Whether you are feeling the effects of prior stress or want to help your body cope better in the future, AICA Conyers offers chiropractic care and a range of other treatments to help you feel your best. Our team will work together to understand any underlying causes of physical stress and develop a plan that works for you in the long term. Call us today to begin working towards a stress-free life!