Stay Active and Keep Your Healthy In Mind This Winter

Jan 23, 2019

Stay Active and Keep Your Healthy In Mind This Winter | AICA ConyersWith the holidays upon us comes feasting with family and friends. This can make maintaining a healthy diet challenging as you spend this season surrounded by tempting dishes and meals. You can choose between having a second piece of pie or practice some of the following to keep you eating healthy and maintain good cheer.

Tips For Staying Healthy This Winter

It is important to get enough sleep before a holiday event. By getting at least seven hours the night before, you can keep your appetite in check. Individuals who got less than the recommended amount of sleep tended to consume more calories.

When you go to a buffet, be mindful of the types of food you are selecting. The first items you put on your plate tend to be the ones that you consume the most of. Start with vegetables or low-calorie appetizer to start and help you stay full of healthier options.

Trick your brain into thinking you are eating more by using a smaller sized plate during lunch and dinner. During a holiday meal, the average adult consumes nearly 3,000 calories. Smaller plates help eliminate over half of that to 1,200 calories for the entire meal. The same applies to glass wear. Using a tall and skinny cup to pour 30 percent less volume.

Chewing food more helps convince your brain that you are getting fuller faster. Nibbling at your food helps you eat less compared to when you scarf it down in a hurry. Save the gobbling for the turkeys.

Bring your own dish to a party and let it be a healthy one that you can indulge in. Always ask the host if you can bring something to share and try and balance out what they are already planning on preparing. For example, if they are making a creamy soup as an appetizer, bring a vegetable soup.

Eat a healthier meal prior to going to the event to help curb your appetite or have a healthy snack on the way. By eating something healthy first you will be less likely to eat in excess there.

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It can be hard to maintain a healthy diet this time of year, especially when there are so many irresistible dishes that you may only get once a year. By following the advice from our Conyers chiropractors, you can be well on your way to keeping your body healthy. For more holiday health tips, call us at (404) 602-0386.