Great Ways To Keep Your Kids Active Throughout The Cold Winter Months

Great Ways To Keep Your Kids Active Throughout The Cold Winter Months | AICA ConyersRegardless of where you live during the winter, snowy conditions or even decreased temperatures can leave parents at a loss with finding ways to get their children to be active this time of year. In Norway kids are taught “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”. This is a great perspective on weather that is not always ideal.

Fun Winter Activities For Kids

It is important to be active year-round to maintain good health. Our Conyers chiropractors have some fun ideas to help keep your children busy and active no matter what is going on with the weather outside. Don’t let your kids just sit around inside – get them bundled up and outside to move!

Most Zoos and Parks Throughout Atlanta Are Still Open

Even in the colder winter months, popular venues like zoos, national parks, or farms are still a great way for your kids to learn about animals and look at the natural landscapes. By doing some research and layering up the clothing, your kids can have just as much fun in these normally “warm weather only” venues this time of year too.

Boost Their Competitive Spirit

Have a competition with the neighborhood kids! If there is a blanket of snow outside, host a “silliest snowman” or “best snow fort” contest or have an epic snowball fight. Use household items that won’t be missed or damaged for the snowmen and use various shapes of containers like pots and pans to mold the bricks for their snow forts. Your kids will have so much fun being creative that they will not even think of the health benefits to their active bodies.

Create Something You Can Do Together Every Winter

Start a new tradition. Find a great sledding hill locally and get some inexpensive disc sleds from the store. Pack a picnic with thermoses of soup and some hot chocolate and don’t forget the holiday cookies and head outside. They will have so much fun they will want to do it again the following weekend and you will be making the best memories at the same time.

Stay Active To Stay Healthy and In Shape This Winter

What is one sure-fire way to get your kids about going outside to play in the cold? Get out there and join them! Your body will benefit just as much from sledding and building snowmen as theirs will and the more fun you are having, the less you will focus on the cold.

It is still important to be mindful of limits when it comes to being outside in the cold. If it is too cold for you, it is too cold for your kids. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that ill-effects of cold are experienced quicker by younger than older kids, so be extra careful with your tiniest offspring. For more ideas on how to keep your family healthy and active during these cold winter months, call us at (404) 602-0386.

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