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Physiotherapy vs. Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy | Mar 29, 2021

Physiotherapy vs. Physical Therapy

Recovery and rehabilitation are key reasons why your doctor may recommend you visit a physical therapist. When it comes to understanding the difference between physiotherapy and physical therapy, the trick is: there isn’t any difference! These words are used interchangeably to define the practice of physical therapists, though the term…


Physical Therapy | May 11, 2021

3 Effective Treatment Options for Tennis Elbow

If your doctor says you have tennis elbow, you might wonder what in the world they’re talking about since you don’t even play tennis! Surprisingly, tennis elbow doesn’t just affect tennis players; in fact, you can get tennis elbow from all kinds of sports, activities, and even duties on the…


Physical Therapy | Sep 10, 2021

Top 5 Things to Do to Maintain Health After Physical Therapy

When it comes to rehabilitative care, physical therapy has a wide range of benefits. There are also many reasons why you might see a physical therapist. Many people associate physical therapy, or PT, with recovery after a surgical procedure. However, physical therapists work with many different patients, including those recovering…


Physical Therapy | Oct 15, 2021

Can Physical Therapy Reduce the Need for Opioid Painkillers?

You’ve probably seen the headlines about opioid painkillers and the crisis that is gripping the nation. The truth is that opioids do not actually treat the cause of your pain. Instead, when you take painkillers, you are actually masking the pain for a short period of time. Opioid painkillers are…

Difference Between Physical Therapy and Physical Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy | Jul 19, 2022

What’s the Difference Between Physical Therapy and Physical Rehabilitation?

While physical rehabilitation and physical therapy are linked, and some people may even use the terms interchangeably, a few subtle differences separate them. The relationship between physical rehabilitation and physical therapy is much like the difference between rectangles and squares: all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are square.…

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