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Whiplash FAQs | Aug 9, 2018

Is It Whiplash?

After a car accident, there are a lot of concerns. You may be worried about the out-of-pocket expenses of an accident, the needs of your family, and how long you’ll need to wait for your car to be fixed. However, while these are important concerns, they may be distracting you…

How to Treat Whiplash

Whiplash FAQs | Aug 12, 2020

How to Treat Whiplash

In the days after a car accident, you may be on high alert for any aches and pains in your body- this is smart, as many common car accident injuries won’t become apparent for days after they are sustained. This can be especially common with whiplash, a condition in which…


Whiplash FAQs | Aug 15, 2020

How Long Does Whiplash Last?

Suffering from whiplash can leave you feeling frustrated and helpless, as you struggle to regain some of the flexibility and mobility you had previously. Healing the tears and strains in the neck tissue is not an overnight process, but it is something that can be done with proper care by…


Headaches, Whiplash FAQs | Apr 22, 2021

Does a Headache after a Car Accident Mean That I Have Whiplash?

If you’ve been in a serious car accident then you may have been checked out at the scene by paramedics or even visited the emergency room or your doctor afterward. But what if you were in a fender-bender or small car accident that didn’t seem like a big deal at…


Whiplash FAQs | May 18, 2021

What Are the Symptoms of Whiplash?

Whiplash is the most common injury sustained in a car accident- you’re more likely to have some degree of whiplash than to not, especially if you get rear-ended. However, it being common doesn’t mean it is a simple injury. Whiplash can occur in a variety of ways and have varying…


Accident Recovery, Whiplash FAQs | Jun 16, 2021

What Does Whiplash Feel Like?

Whiplash is so common that you might wonder if that’s what has you feeling so uncomfortable after a car accident. Aches and pains after a car accident can send some people straight to the doctor, while other people may choose to wait it out or tough it out. When you’ve…

Can Whiplash Cause Headaches?

Headaches, Whiplash FAQs | Mar 5, 2024

Can Whiplash Cause Headaches?

If you were in a car accident and are now getting headaches, you're not alone. This is actually something many people find themselves dealing with, especially after a car accident injury like whiplash. These headaches after car accidents, often accompanied by neck pain and stiffness, can significantly disrupt your daily…

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