What to Do About Stomach Pain and Diarrhea After an Accident

Feb 20, 2021

In the hours and even days after a car accident, you may notice some uncomfortable symptoms that can’t be easily ignored. A broken bone is an obvious car accident injury that needs treatment right away, but what about other things that aren’t as easy to identify? Symptoms like stomach pain and diarrhea might seem like a coincidence or something that will go away on its own, but these can actually be signs of something more serious going on inside your body. Any time you’ve been in an accident, visit a car accident doctor in Conyers as soon as possible to get checked out and take every precaution to make sure you are okay.

How Your Body Responds to a Car Accident

What should you expect physically after a car accident? When you’ve been in a car accident, it is possible that your body will respond like you have experienced a trauma. That’s because the accident can sometimes cause your body to send waves of adrenaline through you as a precautionary measure. Adrenaline keeps you alert and able to take care of yourself in the event of an accident, but it will eventually wear off and you may start to feel the strain and stress of such a traumatic experience. It is also possible to experience shock or other forms of stress responses to a car accident, especially if it was a serious accident.

Car accidents can result in tricky injuries that you may not notice right away because of adrenaline, shock, or stress afterward. It may not be until you’ve had a chance to rest or relax that you start to truly experience some painful or uncomfortable symptoms, like headaches, nausea, and even stomach pain and diarrhea. Different types of injuries come with their own delayed symptoms, often referred to as hidden injuries because of how they can take hours or even days to fully show up.

What Causes Stomach Pain and Diarrhea After a Car Accident

Your seat belt is there to protect you from being ejected from the vehicle in the event of a car accident, but in doing its job, it is possible that you might get some scrapes, bruises, or something even more serious. When worn properly across your chest and waist, your seat belt is designed to do as little harm as possible. But if worn improperly it can actually do some harm, including pulling too tightly across your abdomen and even causing bruising, inflammation, and other serious injuries.

It is easier to point out scrapes and bruises to your doctor, so you might not think to mention if you’ve been having stomach pain if you think it might just be related to something you ate. However, any time you experience abdominal pain after a car accident, you should get checked out by your doctor just in case. In more serious cases, stomach pain and diarrhea can be a sign of damage to the internal organs in your abdomen.

Car accident injuries to your abdomen can also affect the soft tissues in your body, like your muscles and tendons. If you are jolted or jerked around during the force of impact, it could cause strains or sprains to your soft tissues. When injuries to muscles or soft tissues occur, they can become inflamed. Inflammation and swelling inside your body can put pressure on nearby organs and lead to uncomfortable symptoms like nausea, stomach pain, and even diarrhea.

How a Car Accident Doctor Can Help

It is always in your best interest to get checked out by a car accident doctor in Conyers as soon as you can after the accident. At best, they can check you over and make sure you are healthy and don’t have any injuries. In many cases, though, they can help catch injuries that you might not yet be aware of because of those delayed symptoms you might be experiencing. You also want to demonstrate to your insurance company that you took your healthcare seriously and sought out a car accident doctor soon after the accident. That way, you and your doctor will have documentation readily available to demonstrate how your injuries directly correlate to the car accident.

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