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What to Expect (Physically) After a Car Accident
Jul 24, 2020

What to Expect (Physically) After a Car AccidentEach car accident is different, and so are the injuries of each person involved in them. However, there are some common injuries and ailments that occur as a result of these crashes. The best way to understand your own injuries and what treatment plan is right for you is to visit an experienced car accident doctor in Conyers. The right specialist will help you evaluate any injuries immediately and provide a personalized treatment plan. If you’re nervous about what this might look like, here is a guide on what to expect for most injuries.

Immediately After an Accident

For many people, symptoms of an injury may not be obvious in the immediate aftermath. Adrenaline often allows us to keep going, take care of things like police reports, and feel that we are “okay. In some cases, being in shock may even prevent you from noticing pain or other issues right away. It’s easy to mistake cognitive symptoms or trouble moving for the feeling of being overwhelmed by what has just happened.

If there are any obvious issues that need to be addressed, this should obviously be your first step, particularly if you see excessive bleeding or mobility is damaged. Outside of anything like this, taking some deep breaths can help counteract the body’s anxiety response to the incident, and can also provide oxygen to your brain to allow it to begin proper communication again. This may help you better evaluate your own body and identify any potential injuries. Typically, first responders will be present on the scene and can thoroughly examine you. In many cases, you won’t be taken to the hospital with serious issues, but you should still follow up with a specialist soon after to address any delayed symptoms.

Following Up

Soon after a car accident, it is crucial to follow up with a car accident doctor. You may begin experiencing headaches, soreness, or more severe symptoms like broken bones, but even if you don’t it will be helpful to schedule this. If you are involved in a lawsuit, documenting these visits may be important for your lawyer’s records.

There can also be some unseen injuries that will not become obvious until they are much more serious, which a specialist will know to evaluate you for at this appointment. While many things can be treated with at-home solutions, it is always better to check for the more serious injuries as soon as possible.

Treating Injuries

At an appointment with skilled car accident doctors in Conyers, they will use a variety of techniques to evaluate you and diagnose any injuries. They may use a number of imaging tools such as x-rays, MRIs, and CAT scans to identify any potential issues. There will also likely be a thorough physical exam to allow doctors to see any issues and use their expertise to observe symptoms. You may also be asked to answer a series of questions about your daily activity, symptoms, and the accident itself.

In many cases, a combination of rest and pain management will be enough to help you overcome your injuries. When this is not the case, physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments may be employed as part of a comprehensive approach to helping your body reach its former state. Only in cases where these programs don’t work will more invasive procedures like surgeries be explored.

Long-Term Recovery

There is no simple answer to the question of how long recovery will take, as it depends on the injury and the person in each scenario. Your provider should discuss with you the prognosis, their typical practice, and some timelines where they’d like to see progress. A good plan will address your immediate symptoms to relieve pain as much as possible, while also working towards long-term health and recovery.

Mild injuries are likely to have quick and complete recoveries, while more serious issues may take longer and even have lasting impacts on the body. Common ailments like whiplash, concussions, and broken bones are likely to be easily treated with the proper care and treatment.

To be evaluated by experienced car accident doctors, visiting AICA Conyers offers you the most integrated experience possible. Our team of specialists has helped thousands of patients recover from injuries sustained in car accidents. Symptoms left untreated may become more severe issues over time, so whether you are exhibiting symptoms or not, call AICA Conyers today to be evaluated by experts and put on the path to health.