3 of the Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Jul 23, 2020

3 of the Most Common Car Accident InjuriesIn a car accident, the entire body is vulnerable to damage as a result of the impact. The type and extent of these injuries will depend on specifics of the accident, such as what direction the car was hit from, the position of the occupant, the speed during impact, and if the person involved was wearing a seatbelt. In any case, there is room for severe injury and you should immediately be evaluated by a Conyers chiropractic specialist. Though there is the potential for many car accident injuries after a crash, there are some very common ailments that occur which a skilled chiropractor can treat.


Chances are that when you think of injuries related to a car accident, whiplash is at the top of your mind. The name whiplash comes from the fact that this damage is caused when the body is suddenly jerked back and forth, causing the neck to move unnaturally and quickly. The ligaments in the neck are stretched beyond their ability and sometimes even tear, causing pain and difficulty with movement. The overextension of the neck may also affect the surrounding joints and ligaments, causing further discomfort.

Whiplash may not become obvious until hours or even days after an accident occurs, and neck pain is the most commonly exhibited symptoms. If you are suffering from whiplash, you may also feel stiffness in the neck and a decrease in range of motion, making it difficult to turn your head as normal.

If you have suffered whiplash, the good news is that whiplash is a treatable injury when working with specialists. Spinal adjustments, physical therapy exercises, and pain management can be combined to help you achieve full mobility once whiplash begins to heal.

Dislocated Joints

When certain parts of the body are impacted, joints may not be able to absorb the force and can become dislocated, when the ball is knocked out of its proper socket. The shoulder and elbow are likely to be dislocated in a car crash as your upper body is the most likely to jolt upon impact. While seatbelts are extremely important, when they do not rest properly on the upper body, they can allow your shoulder to jostle and slip out of place. For those sitting in the front seat, knees are also commonly dislocated after they collide with a dashboard or steering wheel during the crash.

Dislocated joints can be very painful and should be evaluated by a medical professional, such as a Conyers chiropractic specialist, as soon as possible. In addition to a procedure to reposition the joint, doctors may want to evaluate the muscles and tendons near the same joint in case they sustained any damage. While a dislocation can typically be addressed easily, related injuries can arise and cause long term problems.


The same forceful movement that can cause whiplash and dislocation can also affect your brain. When moving back and forth suddenly, the brain moves within the skull and can impact the brain that way- this can also happen when the head hits a hard surface. Concussions are a mild form of traumatic brain injuries and are concerning because the initial impact can damage brain cells and interrupt the communication between your brain and your body.

Sometimes, it will be obvious quickly that you have sustained a concussion. Some people lose consciousness, which should always be treated immediately. In other cases, it may be hours or days before the body properly registers the trauma and symptoms will begin after the fact. Any headaches, dizziness, confusion, trouble focusing, or throbbing pain can be indicators of a concussion. While concussions are usually able to heal on their own, because of the potential for serious brain injuries, you should always be evaluated for these issues after an accident, ideally at a Conyers chiropractic clinic.

Concussions will usually resolve within two weeks, but in some cases, the issues may persist beyond that. In addition to regular medical care, it is important to keep your brain active with cognitive activities and your body active to help a concussion heal. This is one injury where rest is not the recommended treatment.

At AICA Conyers, we take your health after an accident seriously. You will have access to a multidisciplinary team of experts who can address not only the above injuries, but many other issues that may arise after a car accident. Your care and healing will be a top priority for our Conyers chiropractic experts, physical therapists, orthopedists, and the rest of our team. Call today to immediately begin seeking relief for your pain.


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