Staying Pain Free On Your Next Adventure

Staying Pain Free On Your Next Adventure | AICA ConyersAlthough tiring, traveling can be fun, but for those who have been injured traveling can be downright daunting. Our team of Conyers chiropractors have some ideas and tips for how to make your next travel adventure pain free, whether you take your travels to the sky in a plane or the scenic route by car or bus.

Taking The Scenic Route By Car

When traveling by car, your legs are cramped in the same space for long periods of time so it is best to try and stop about every two hours to allow yourself the time to get out and stretch your legs and give your muscles a break. If your legs are sore, take a quick walk and get the blood flowing and if the aches continue, apply ice to sore areas.

Although it’s nice to try to fit everything into our carry on, sometimes that isn’t always the best for our back. If the bag weighs more than 10 percent of your body weight you should always check it at the counter. As you are waiting for your plane to take off, take a few moments and massage your calves as you may not have the opportunity to get up and walk around much throughout the duration of the flight. By massaging your calves, you are loosening up your muscles and allowing for better circulation which can reduce your chances of getting leg cramps on your flight.

Stretch It Out

Regardless of your method of transportation, your body is remaining stagnant for a period of time and within this time, your muscles can tense up. So, before any trip, stretch it out just like you would before a workout or a run. If you suffer from any aches or pains, seeing a chiropractor is also a great preventative measure to take as well as this can minimize your chances of developing worsening pain on your trip.

If you have plans to travel in the upcoming weeks or months, contact our Conyers chiropractors and let us help you prepare for a pain free travel adventure. Call today at (404) 602-0386!

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