Healthy Ways To Exercise When Suffering From Arthritis

Jan 7, 2016

Healthy Ways To Exercise When Suffering From ArthritisIf you suffer from arthritis in Conyers, you might wonder how active you should be without worrying about pain.

The fact is, pain connected to the joints in your hips and hands will only increase if you allow yourself to live a sedentary lifestyle.

That’s why our Chiropractors recommend staying active in ways that are easy to add to your every day routine, such as by taking short walks or joining a yoga class.

Along with walking, your doctor may recommend adding some type of strength training, balance therapy, or water based exercise to help reduce your pain and improve your body’s functioning.

Treating Arthritis In Conyers

Research offered by Harvard’s Medical School shows that bicycling or swimming is usually easier for Arthritis patients than other types of exercise. Being able to increase the range of motion around the affected joints, strengthen the surrounding muscles, and build up your overall endurance helps support optimal mobility.

Your Chiropractor can help develop a custom routine that aligns with your specific needs, as well as addresses the type of pain you suffer from.

If you do not currently exercise, make sure to start slow and not over exert yourself.

Take a 15 minute stroll around your neighborhood, swim 10 to 15 laps at your local gym, or go for a 30 minute bike ride each day until you are able to comfortably add more time and effort into your routine.

If you have heart disease or suffer from some other type of condition, our doctors will need to know so that they can advise you on how to exercise safely.

Visit Our Chiropractors to Develop a Plan

Our doctors have decades worth of experience in treating arthritis and can create a custom program that suits your specific needs.

Your doctor will look to monitor your health as you immerse yourself in your new active routine in order to measure the extent of your recovery and condition.

During your office examinations, your doctor may want to use spinal manipulation to evaluate the health of your spine and arthritis. They will also want to continuously return to your medical history and your weekly activities to see how your diet, stress, and posture are affecting your ability to live pain .

Our team of qualified medical experts are available for a consultation Monday through Sunday. You can call to make an appointment 24/7 or walk into our office for immediate service.

Most insurance policies cover the cost of Chiropractic care and our friendly staff can help answer any questions you may have before you visit our office.

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