Get To Know Your Back: Understanding The Facts & Statistics Related to Back Pain

Facts & Statistics Related to Back Pain | AICA ConyersThe doctors who help and treat patients at our Chiropractor’s office in Conyers offer holistic solutions for conditions that go far beyond back pain. However, the vast majority of people who seek out Chiropractic treatment are looking to resolve some type of painful, often immobilizing condition related to their back.

Statistics offered by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) show that 31 million Americans suffer from some type of back pain at any given time.

Understanding how sensitive and susceptible your back is to injury allows you to make a more qualified decision for how you preserve its long-term integrity.

Facts About Back Pain

Common Causes of Back Pain

Now that you are more aware of how devastating and common back pain is, it’s important to understand and be able to identify common triggers.

Your back is an extremely complicated fixture of joints, muscles, ligaments, and bones. Because of how sensitive this area of your body is, it’s all too easy to experience:

The most complex maneuvers on the sports field to the easiest of motions made in your living room can harm your back.

Obesity, stress, ongoing poor posture, and arthritis are also common catalysts for back pain.

Patients who suffer from more serious forms of this type of pain can develop separate conditions that are even more severe and dangerous, such as kidney stones, bone loss, or blood clots.

How To Prevent Back Pain

Keeping your back in tip top condition and pain is not as difficult as it might seem.

Remaining conscious over basic considerations like warming up properly before exercising or wearing comfortable, low-heeled shoes are practical ways you can properly support your back area.

Maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding flimsy mattresses are also great, easy ways to prevent pain or injury.

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