About AICA Conyers

AICA Conyers provides a full service spinal and orthopedic procedure center, featuring the latest in advanced technological imaging equipment. We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of head and spine and joint injuries – from your neck to the pelvis, knees and beyond.
Our team of chiropractors, radiologists, and physical therapists treat issues such as headaches, pain, motor impairment, neurological issues that are associated with acute and chronic spine and joint debilitation.


After an injury, 80 percent of headaches are associated with problems in the cervical spine so treatment plans are designed around the nerve and motor functionality of your neck. Your hands, arms, shoulders respiratory system and diaphragm can become affected if injuries have been sustained in the area of the thoracic spine.
The spine is a system in which ties together the entire skeletal frame of your body but the spinal cord is the control panel where the majority of one’s nerve roots stems are found and this area becomes a top priority when creating a treatment plan for the spine.
Our cutting edge chiropractors work simultaneously with anesthesiologists to bring you the most up to date spinal procedures and interventions. We can take you from assessment and low impact treatment using graduated methods that are the most likely to remove pain and ease injured tissue with the least amount of invasive techniques.

Comprehensive Treatment

Our first line of defense for treatment can be compiled of adjustments, exercise and physical therapy as well as cold laser treatments but if a patient finds no relief in those methods our anesthesiologists inject your spine with a facet block. If that does not provide success then a radio frequency ablation can be performed as can an epidural with X-ray fluoroscopy to limit the intervention. These types of treatments are geared to healing your pain with hopes of eradicating the discomfort completely.
Our cutting edge Conyers chiropractors won’t stop at ordinary treatments, they push themselves to find state of the art procedures to bring you relief from your pain. Call our office today at (404) 602-0386 to schedule an adjustment.