AICA Conyers Treats More Whiplash Injuries Than Anywhere Else

Treats More Whiplash Injuries Than Anywhere Else | AICA ConyersEven if you are only in a minor accident, you could be victim to a whiplash injury. Whiplash can cause considerable pain, headaches, and long-term complications.

Chiropractors Are Better Suited To Treat Whiplash Injury

Most primary care doctors do not offer effective treatment when it comes to this type of injury. They tend to treat the symptoms without addressing the damage itself.

Chiropractic treatment is the most effective way to deal with whiplash injury and provide permanent relief from pain. Our Conyers chiropractic treatment helps relieve pain and repair the damage caused by the injury.

Whiplash can affect anyone, regardless of the severity of the automobile accident. During an accident your neck and spine is forced into a quick jerking motion which causes damage. Even a minor fender bender can cause you to suffer a whiplash injury. You also can develop whiplash from sports or falls, although car accidents are the leading cause.

Whiplash Is Not Always Noticeable

The concerning part about this type of injury is that the symptoms do not always present themselves immediately. Many people experience chronic pain from whiplash that can last for a long time. This is why chiropractic care is so important.

Our chiropractic treatments for whiplash are the most effective in getting you feeling better post-accident. By repairing the damage in the neck, pain is relieved. This is a much healthier and long-term solution in comparison to medication.

Contact AICA Conyers For Complete and Safe Whiplash Treatment

Our chiropractors help treat short and long-term pain caused by auto injuries. They offer permanent solutions to your pain and get you recovered faster from whiplash. If you have any questions regarding how our doctors can get you feeling better, call today at (404) 602-0386.

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