2 Ways To Prevent Back Pain While Gardening This Summer

Jul 23, 2018

Ways To Prevent Back Pain While Gardening This Summer | AICA ConyersIn this weather, many people tend their garden. Unfortunately, many of those people find themselves at their Conyers chiropractor with back pain and stiffness.

Around 80 percent of the population has or will have experienced back pain at some point in their lives. Even though back pain is common, it does not have to get in your way of doing the things you enjoy.

The team at AICA Conyers have a few suggestions to make gardening easier and less painful.

Back Pain and Gardening

For almost any activity, stretching is a great way to prevent back pain. Stretching to garden is not completely different from other activities. You should address areas that will be strained: your hamstrings, triceps, and your back. With your body stretched and warmed up, you will be ready for the garden.

Change Your Position Frequently

One can easily get lost in an activity, time flies by until you try to change positions and the stiffness and pain of your body remind you how long you’ve been in the garden. Try setting a timer for every 30 minutes. When it goes off, stand up, take a little walk and a quick stretch. Not only does this prevent pain and stiffness, it also helps blood flow, circulation and even digestion.

Additionally, try changing up your gardening tasks so you do not strain a single muscle group. You could potentially weed for a bit, then change to pruning the shrubs. You body does not do well staying in one position for a while, no matter the activity. Being a physical activity, gardening needs more movement.

Take Care when Bending, Reaching, and Lifting

Reaching, bending over and lifting objects are all a part of gardening. If you do not do it correctly, you’ll find yourself with a sore back or worse.

  • Lifting: DO NOT bend at the waist! Instead, squat down, grab the object with both hands, and pull it close to your body. Straighten your legs, letting your leg muscles do the work instead of your back. Also, consider using a dolly, wheelbarrow or wagon when moving heavy items to reduce the need to lift them.
  • Pushing: Pulling can cause a great strain on your back. Pushing your seeder, wheelbarrow, or lawn mower can lessen the demand put on your back, avoid pulling as much as you can.
  • Reaching: Even something with a light weight can cause you to lose your balance or twist your back. It is important to reach with care, especially when reaching to lift. Take care to minimize lifting while reaching.
  • Bending: When you bend, keep your knees soft and bend from the waist. If you are doing a task that requires you to be bent for a while, take regular breaks to stand up straight. Make sure you are lifting appropriately if you are bending to lift.

Many people love gardening, it is a chance to get your hands in the dirt and connect with the earth.

However, it can be taxing on the body without the proper precautions. Next time you head to the garden, keep these back saving tricks in mind. If you do find yourself with a sore back, contact your local Conyers Chiropractor for an adjustment.


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