Common Fears about Spinal Surgery

Aug 3, 2021

Some people are so afraid of a needle used for a simple blood draw that they cannot fathom a more invasive surgery like spinal surgery. However, there are certain times when surgical intervention is needed, especially when other more conservative approaches have failed to provide you with lasting relief and healing. When people think of surgery, especially on an area so important as the spine, they think of pain and long recovery periods. Many people might be surprised to learn that fears about spinal surgery are based on older techniques and misconceptions. In fact, medical advances over the last few decades have provided significant improvements in the success and recovery rates from spinal surgery. If you are in need of spinal surgery, then visit neurosurgery in Conyers to talk about your concerns and learn about why this may be the best course of action for you.

Common Concerns about Spinal Surgery

It is perfectly natural to have questions and concerns about a serious procedure like spinal surgery. Talking to your doctor and bringing a list of questions and concerns can help to demystify the process from start to finish and help you feel more confident about the procedure. Here are a few common concerns people have about spinal surgery:

Worries about the Procedure

Spinal surgery is an invasive procedure and is not something to be taken lightly. However, when other, more conservative approaches to your back pain and discomfort have not been able to provide you with lasting relief, then spinal surgery may be your best option. In fact, many people are frustrated with treatments that haven’t brought relief and become skeptical about whether or not spinal surgery will be any different. Choosing to have an invasive procedure comes with its own risks and issues and it helps to be prepared for what to expect.

Meeting Expectations for Relief

You may be frustrated or tired of trying out different treatment options that have not been able to give you any relief from your back pain or injury. You may not have high hopes for a spinal procedure after trying so many other things. When non-surgical options have failed to relieve your pain, then you shouldn’t give up before trying out another option. While this is a complex procedure, medical advancements and improvements have made it possible for people to get back on their feet and moving around much sooner than in previous decades.

Knowing Someone with a Bad Experience

If you know someone who had a bad experience with spinal surgery then it makes sense that you would have concerns about your own procedure. However, it does help to understand more about the context of their surgery compared to yours. For example, technological advances improve surgical procedures every year and these improvements help to make the entire process better for everyone. It also helps to know that each person’s body responds differently to an injury or issue, and someone else’s experience doesn’t have to be yours too.

Concerns about Life after Spinal Surgery

Going through with spinal surgery doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to experience a fulfilling life afterward. In fact, one of the most common misconceptions is that you will never be active again or able to participate in the things you enjoy. In fact, spinal surgeries are specifically designed to help you get back on your feet and being active again in a safe and healthy way. Your doctor wouldn’t recommend spinal surgery unless it was the most successful option for you to experience long-term relief. If more conservative approaches have not been enough to provide you with lasting relief so you can enjoy your daily activities, then spinal surgery may be the best option for you to get back to your life.

What to Expect with Spine Surgery

Expectations for spine surgery will differ slightly depending on what part of the spine is affected and how severe the injury or condition is for you. If you are scheduled to undergo spine surgery, then your doctor will talk to you about how to prepare for the procedure, how long the surgery will take, and what to expect with the recovery process. Learn more about how spinal surgery could benefit you by visiting AICA Orthopedics neurosurgery in Conyers.


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