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Common Motorcycle Injuries Treated By Our Conyers Accident Doctors
Sep 27, 2017

Common Motorcycle Injuries Treated By Our Conyers Accident Doctors | AICA ConyersMotorcycle accidents often produce injuries that are much more severe than those associated with car collisions because of the lack of protective elements. This is particularly the case when motorcyclists do not wear a helmet and other forms of body gear.

Even experienced riders are vulnerable to critical injuries because of other vehicles on the road. Too many drivers operate their automobiles while listening to music, using a smartphone device, or while intoxicated. All of these distractions can cause drivers to veer out of their lanes and collide into a motorcyclist.

Conyers Motorcycle Injury Doctors

Our Conyers Motorcycle Accident Doctors can help riders recover from their injuries and get back on their bikes safely with the use of holistic treatment solutions that work naturally with the body. At AICA Conyers, our Chiropractors treat a variety of common motorcycle injuries, including:

Back Injuries

The spine and its surrounding tissue are vulnerable to damage when exposed to physical trauma. Motorcyclists can easily fracture their spine, experience a herniated disc, or sustain misalignments within their vertebrae due to the impact of a collision. Fortunately, our Conyers Motorcycle Accident Doctors can use a variety of Chiropractic Treatment solutions that reduce inflammation, restore flexibility, and relieve pain.

Leg and Foot Injuries

Leg and foot sprains, strains, and fractures are the most common injuries among motorcycle accident victims. Through stabilization techniques, rest, and physical therapy, our Chiropractors can help restore function and restrengthen damaged muscles – allowing you to recover and remain mobile.

Whiplash Injury

Motorcycle accidents that occur when traveling at low-speeds can still produce Whiplash Injury. Riders who experience an accident should seek immediate Chiropractic Treatment to determine whether or not they have sustained Whiplash – which often goes undetected due to a lack of noticeable symptoms. If allowed to exist, Whiplash can cause a series of long-term health complications that range from chronic pain to permanent impairments.

Contact AICA Conyers Motorcycle Accident Doctors Following A Collision

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident near Conyers, contact our clinic right away to schedule an examination. It is recommended to have an experienced Motorcycle Accident Doctor evaluate your condition within 72 hours of a collision to prevent permanent damage and other disabling injuries.

AICA Conyers serves as the community’s most experienced accident injury center, helping hundreds of crash victims each year recover from their pain and return to their routines. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, don’t allow yourself to live with pain, contact our office for immediate treatment. Just dial (404) 602-0386 and ask one of our staff members for help.