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Depression Treatment and Chiropractors
Feb 17, 2015

Who knew that a chiropractor can help with depression? It’s not the psychologist. It’s not the psychiatrist – there aren’t even drugs involved. But believe it or not, the health and wellness espoused by your Conyers depression chiropractor can help you overcome the battle that is a life lived with depression.

Because depression is a very difficult road to walk, both for those who are suffering from it and for those whose loved ones are, it’s important that proper treatment be sought out early, and that the treatment be monitored, if not actively engaged in, by as many appropriate family and friends as possible.

depression treatment | AICA ConyersFor the late actor Robin Williams, depression was coupled with the beginnings of Parkinson’s disease. That combination proved to be too much to bear; this from a man who we commonly see as a person who had it all. The lesson is that there is no amount of success and fame that can shield a person from the ravages of disease or depression. The only means of defense are community, real social connections such as friends, family and the real professional intervention that can spot the sign and signals that a person is undergoing an inner turmoil and trauma that requires clinical help to overcome.

While the therapies we see as commonly available are useful and admirable, they aren’t everything out there. Sometimes therapy, either sought individually or in a group setting, doesn’t work. Psychiatric treatment is another great option for many, but if you’re not enamoured with the model of medicine, you’ll be interested to know about the benefits that a seasoned chiropractor can bring to treating depression.

First, there is the issue of alignment. The spine may yet hold promise in the curtailing of depression, as it was published in The Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research that a study showed 73% of a group of 15 people with depression showed definite improvement in their symptoms after they went through treatment with neck adjustments. Another 15% showed some improvement.

While it makes sense that there could be a connection between the nervous system, spinal cord and behavior, your chiropractor is still not used enough as a resource for this important medical problem that affects almost 20 million people in America alone.

Some of the supplements that your chiropractor may prescribe include:

  • Vitamin B, the want of which is shown to contribute to depression.
  • Magnesium, which may be one of the elements that can curtail depression.
  • Iodine, a lack of which is linked to many of the traits found in depression.
  • Chromium, it mitigates the craving for sugar, and may help to balance the feelings of a person who is seeking that as an antidote to depressive feelings.

Your chiropractor is also a great resource to pair with your primary care doctor. Your chiropractor may also be available to act as your primary care doctor, making all of these remedies at your fingertips – if you’re interested in alternative methods of care, or if you’ve already tried the rest.