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Jan 16, 2017

Conyers Chiropractic Treatment for Work-Related Injuries | AICA ConyersChiropractors often treat patients who have work-related injuries caused by a sudden accident

While some work injuries are due to an unexpected accident, others develop as a result of maintaining particular habits or positions for too long, like using incorrect posture or typing on a keyboard.

Work zones like construction sites are particularly dangerous; however, injuries can take place in areas that seem safe like offices— or any other type of professional environment.

If you’ve sustained a work-related injury, don’t put off seeing a medical physician.

An AICA Conyers Chiropractor can perform a complete evaluation, offer an accurate diagnosis, and handle your workers’ compensation claim.

Diagnosing Work-Related Injuries

When you visit an AICA Conyers Chiropractor for your work-related injuries, you’ll go through a complete examination to diagnose your pain and its source.

Once the source of your injury is identified, your Chiropractor will discuss your symptoms and ask when they first appeared.

Make sure to articulate where your pain exists and whether it subsides after rest or increased during activity. To determine the cause of your work-related injuries, your Chiropractor may ask you about your medical history, diet, and your history of other treatments like surgery.

Your Chiropractor will also ask you about your job history, the environment you work in, and whether your job requires repetitive motions or heavy lifting.

At this point, your Chiropractor will follow through a physical exam, including static and motion palpation techniques, to locate the precise location of your pain.

Recovering From Work-Related Injuries With Chiropractic Care

Your Chiropractic treatment plan will be custom tailored to meet your unique health needs.

Your injury may require a series of Chiropractic Adjustments to realign the bones of your spine and completely relieve your pain.

Chiropractors also stress the value of preventing another injury at work. They will work with you in ways that help you understanding how to modify the ergonomics of your environment to reduce the risk of suffering from a particular condition later on.

AICA Tucker Can Help You Obtain Workers’ Compensation

When you’re injured on the job, your Chiropractic treatment should be covered by workers’ compensation.

This is a type of insurance system that employers are legally required to have. In case you aren’t aware, workers’ compensation covers any medical bills related to the diagnosis and treatment of your injury.

If the nature of your injury prevents you from performing your professional responsibilities, it will also compensate you for a percentage of your income.

Bring your workers’ compensation information to our Chiropractor’s clinic; we are experienced in handling claims on behalf of our patients.

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