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How Conyers Chiropractors Help Desk Workers Avoid Long-Term Health Conditions
Jan 27, 2017

Common Office Injuries Treated By Chiropractic Care | AICA ConyersDesk jobs can be lucrative, but there aren’t many benefits for you physically.

Sitting at an office desk for hours at a time, whether you have poor posture or not, leads to a variety of debilitating health conditions.

Chiropractic Care for Office Workers

Your mind may be racing at the office, but physical inactivity will harm you in the long run.

If you spend most of your day seated, our Conyers Chiropractors have some tips for improving your health without having to switch careers.

Increase Movement

Even when you are facing a deadline, you should take the time to get up and move.

You can do this by walking to your coworker’s office and speaking with them directly instead of emailing them. If you have a meeting arranged, see if you can conduct it while taking a walk outside.

Not only will you put your body in motion, but you will get vitamin D from the sun, which many office employees fail to obtain due to their schedule. You can also take breaks every half hour or so to do squats or jumping jacks, as well as stretches, throughout the day.

While our Chiropractors support regular fitness, your movement does not have to be strenuous during your work day.

Stand Up As Often As Possible

The act of sitting can enhance feelings of tiredness, so you should stand as often as possible.

When you stand, you can improve your posture and promote your wellbeing.

Some workplaces have standing desk stations, but this is not guaranteed at every establishment. Get creative and heighten your computer with items on hand, such as:

  • Books
  • Crates
  • Empty boxes
  • Upturned wastebaskets

It may not look traditional or aesthetically pleasing, but keep in mind that you are enhancing your health and wellness.

Adjust Screen Height

Our Conyers Chiropractors often find that desk jobs breed back and neck pain due to poor posture while working.

Adjust your screen to improve your health!

Whether you sit or stand on the job, the top of the screen should be parallel with your eyes. This keeps you from craning your neck forward and down, and it reduces the likelihood of bending your shoulders inward. 

If Your Head Were a Bowling Ball…

It sounds dramatic, but imagine that your head is a bowling ball that you need to keep aligned with your shoulders.

When you are seated at a computer, it is more probable that you will lean forward. This puts a strain on the neck and spine, which can lead to headaches, stiffness, and soreness.

You should check your posture regularly, so you can assess whether you need to adjust your alignment.

An effective way to do this is to pull your head back as though you were a turtle withdrawing into its shell.

Our Chiropractors Can Offer Complete dom From Work-Related Pain

At AICA Conyers, you can receive spinal adjustments and general lifestyle information that will improve your health and wellness.

We provide postural evaluations, nutritional counseling, therapy, and more!

You can schedule an appointment with a Chiropractor by calling (404) 602-0386 or come to our walk-in clinic today!