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How to Find the Right Car Accident Doctor in Covington, GA
Apr 13, 2015

Getting into a wreck on the road is a frightening and frustrating experience, but that’s often only the beginning, especially if you think you may be injured. Adding to the confusion, each state has it’s own rules about fault and accident coverage, so here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re considering how to find the right car accident doctor in Covington, GA.

Accepted Insurance Types

covington car accident doctor | aica conyersNot all doctors are set up to bill car insurance for medical treatment. Make sure the doctor you choose accepts third party liability (where the insurance for the person at fault for the accident covers payment), or Med pay (where you are responsible for covering the cost of your injuries yourself).

If your health insurance is billed instead, or you have to pay out of pocket, you may have trouble getting those costs reimbursed later. Some doctors won’t even see car accident victims because of these billing restrictions.

Continued Care Options

Going to the emergency room may seem like the most logical option, but unless you are clearly injured (severe cuts, compound fracture, etc.) they won’t do much more than give you a mild pain reliever and send you on your way. Since symptoms of the most common types of car injuries can take days to even show up, this isn’t ideal.

Your best option is to choose an orthopedic doctor, especially if you suspect you may have whiplash or a lower back injury as these often require extended care in order to prevent years of pain and limited mobility. Whichever option you choose, do not wait.

Remember the Georgia Statute of Limitations

Georgia is a Fault State, which means that your insurance company along with the other driver’s company are responsible for payment of any damages. Determining who is responsible for what damages can be a lengthy process.

This is a problem in Georgia because of its Statute of Limitations, which requires you to file a lawsuit or settle your case within two years for an accident injury. This time limit begins on the day of the accident. Make sure the doctor you choose is familiar with Georgia car accident laws and their limitations.

Don’t Wait!

On top of the Georgia Statute of Limitations, the longer you wait to have an injury diagnosed after an accident the more likely you are to get no compensation at all. If your accident happened on a Friday and you wait until Tuesday to see a doctor, that leaves a small window of time in which you could have injured yourself.

That small window of time is more than enough to cast doubt on whether you were injured in the car accident at all. Once this happens, it’s easy for insurers to refuse payment for any injuries or other injury related damages (such as lost wages).