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How To Schedule An Appointment With A Chiropractor In Conyers
Sep 1, 2015

Here’s a tip; if you want to take care of your back….start jumping.

Jump away from your fear.

Jump over your inertia.

Jump into the New You

You can only get better with a chiropractor. One reason is because when people see the chiropractor, they’re given the tools attain optimum wellness. Imagine not being able to move, and then having the power to. Not only will you be able to do more, but you’ll be more motivated and achieve at higher levels.

Chiropractic Adjustment | AICA Conyers

So now, want to know how to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor in Conyers? You’ve just got to pick up the phone and dial. Or you’ve just got to click the link to email.

But first you need to find the right chiropractor. You’ve got a lot to choose from, and the ease of the internet also brings you the difficulty of choice.

Our advice is just do it.

Search online – see who comes up first in Google. Those are the people who probably best, because they’re getting the most traffic. The most reviews. Google has placed them highly in your search screen for a good reason.

What is the Exam Like?

Maybe you’re concerned about getting the chiropractic exam. You’ll be filling out forms, and have to give some information about your background.

  • Preexisting conditions

  • Medications

  • Prior injuries

  • Family medical history

That way your chiropractor can help you.
What will your chiropractor ask?

What made the pain begin?

  • Was it an accident?

  • Slip and fall?

  • Age related or chronic?

Where is the pain?

  • Is it in your lower, middle or upper back?

  • Is it your hip?

  • Do you have headaches?

  • Or pain in your leg or foot?

What kind of pain are you feeling?

  • Dull

  • Throbbing

  • Burning

  • Sharp

How does the pain change – for better and worse?

  • By moving

  • Standing

  • Walking

  • Lying down

Here is the examination. It’s simple, effective and will help lessen or stop your pain, and make your body work even better.

Why Seeing the Chiropractor is Similar to Your Regular Doctor

Seeing a chiropractor is similar to going to your traditional doctor. You’re getting a number of tests that you’ll get with your general care practitioner. These things include taking your blood pressure, testing your breathing and reflexes.

You’ll also be  assessed on more direct physical traits dealing with your injury or pain, such as muscle tone, strength, nerve response and range of motion. To get a full picture, the chiropractor may have you move in ways that will show the extent of your symptoms or abilities. Posture is also a factor – especially when examining your cervical spine (neck) and back.