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Is a Chiropractor Considered a Doctor?

Dec 12, 2020

Is a Chiropractor Considered a Doctor Do you have chronic back pain that just won’t go away even after multiple trips to the doctor? Have you ever wondered about seeing a chiropractor in Conyers but felt anxious about trying something different? If your previous experiences with medical treatment haven’t helped ease your pain, you may want to consider treatment with a chiropractor. While chiropractors are not medical doctors, they are still medical professionals. Here’s a little more information about how chiropractors are distinguished from medical doctors and how they can still help you.

Chiropractors Are Medical Professionals

Those who want to become chiropractors must complete a graduate-level program in chiropractic and will receive a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree and must be certified by a state licensing board before they can practice. Chiropractors study at advanced levels in a variety of health conditions and disorders that affect not just the spine, but also the muscles, nerves, soft tissues, and other bones in the body. Students studying to be chiropractors also participate in clinical internships where they get hands-on experience in treating a variety of health concerns.

In addition to learning chiropractic principles, anatomy, pathology, and other clinical concerns, chiropractors can also elect to receive additional training in specific specialties, like nutrition, sports medicine, and car accident injuries. Chiropractors are similar to doctors in that they can elect to specialize in specific areas while still participating in as many and sometimes even more clinical hours as those of medical doctors.

Chiropractors Treat Medical Conditions

It may come as a surprise to some, but chiropractors can treat any number of medical conditions and concerns. The most commonly understood issues treated by chiropractors are the neck and back injuries. Chiropractors are well-known for treating spinal issues, but there is much more to the conditions treated. Chiropractors also work with musculoskeletal injuries, meaning injuries that involve both your muscles and your bones. They also work with injuries that can affect your nerves. A few examples of medical conditions treated by chiropractors include chronic pain, migraines, herniated discs, sports injuries, and even chemical and hormonal imbalances.

Chiropractic Treatment Techniques

Chiropractors are most commonly known for treating the spine, but it is important to understand more about how chiropractic care provides a holistic healing approach to your treatment. The idea of chiropractic care is to look at the spine and identify any places that may not be functioning at their best. The spinal cord houses the nervous system, helping your brain communicate with the rest of your body. It also helps support your whole body and give you strength. When something is out of place in your spine it can affect the alignment of your spine and compromise your body’s ability to effectively communicate from your brain all the way to your fingers and toes.

The type of treatments chiropractors offer include what are referred to as adjustments. When a chiropractor finds a vertebra that is out of place, it is called a subluxation. A chiropractor will perform gentle adjustments to help restore vertebrae to their proper position to help maintain a healthy spinal alignment. Chiropractors may also talk with you about nutrition, provide therapeutic massage, acupuncture, and rehabilitation. The location of subluxations will tell a chiropractor more about how your body may be affected, depending on nerves, muscles, and other soft tissues nearby that may be affected. Additionally, chiropractors use non-invasive, natural techniques that help encourage the body to more effectively heal itself.

What to Expect at a Chiropractic Appointment

A trip to the chiropractor’s office first starts with a consultation where you meet the chiropractor, discuss your symptoms and your medical history. Some consultations may also include an initial physical assessment, adjustment, and even digital imaging tools like X-rays. Appointments after the initial consultation will be related to the treatment plan developed by your chiropractor to treat your specific needs and concerns. Your chiropractor will discuss different types of treatments to help manage your pain and address the root cause of your injury or condition.

It’s important to know how to pick a good chiropractor. If you are interested in a chiropractor in Conyers, consider scheduling a consultation at AICA Conyers with one of our skilled chiropractors and find out how chiropractic treatment can help you heal. Learn more about this non-invasive, natural approach to addressing your back pain without medications or surgical interventions. Instead, you can experience the restorative healing of your whole body functioning at its best.