Learn How Our Conyers Chiropractors Treat Neck Injuries

Learn How Our Conyers Chiropractors Treat Neck Injuries | AICA ConyersCar accidents can cause several injuries, many of which directly affect the neck and cervical vertebrae, such as subluxation, compression, or even spinal cord irritation. Subluxation is caused when vertebrae are misaligned and begin to press or run along the nerves within the spinal column, which can be noticed even during normal daily activities.

Neck Adjustments

Vertebral subluxation is relieved by chiropractic care when a chiropractor will adjust the positioning of the vertebrae in the neck through adjustments. Once the spine is aligned properly, healing can occur without the use of prescription medication. Moving the spine back to its natural position will have many positive benefits including heal injuries and improve overall health.

Pain relief alone is not the only reason you should seek chiropractor care. Neck adjustments have also been known to treat other conditions, having a positive affect on hearing and sight, reducing migraine headaches, and improve the nerve function in the back of the neck.

When stimulus is flowing freely through the nerve channels in the neck, senses operate better. There has even been evidence that hearing loss has shown some reversal with regular chiropractic care.

It is imperative that manipulation of the bones of the neck should only be done by a highly qualified chiropractor. If the right techniques are not applied, injury can occur. Our chiropractors have the training and experience to know how to properly manipulate your neck without causing any additional injury.

Additional Health Benefits Connected To Neck Adjustments

Anyone who has received a chiropractic neck adjustment knows how amazing it feels to have tension and pressure relieved as a result. Neck adjustments increase sensory perception and relive pain by allowing those neuropathways through the nerves to be opened in turn improving quality of life.

Getting an adjustment from one of our chiropractors is not a single session therapy. Successful treatment with chiropractic care requires adjustments to be done on a regular basis over a defined amount of time.

This is important as muscles and bones tend to return to their old positions. The more repetitious the therapy to return them to their natural positioning, the more permanent the structure becomes, resolving any conditions that are being experienced from chronic misalignment.

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