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Most Common Conditions Chiropractors In Covington and Conyers Treat
May 1, 2015

Most Common Conditions Chiropractors in Conyers Treat | AICA ConyersThese are the most common conditions chiropractors in Covington and Conyers treat.

Lower back pain is always on the list. In fact, one in four people suffer from it. Not only that, the pain that many people experience leads to one of the fastest growing operations in America: Spinal Fusion.

This is where the vertebrae are made to stick together, either using a bone graft from the hip that takes the place of a disc, or with an artificial metallic insert that is fused using bolts drilled into the vertebrae.

These operations can be fairly non-invasive, when entry is from the posterior. Or they can be very invasive when the entry is anterior – moving in through the front of the body.

Most people would like to avoid spinal fusion – Hulk Hogan sure did.

He was advised that the best way to stop his back pain was via spinal fusion. However, when a rival laser surgery center said they could help him avoid the operation, he tried a laser removal of excess disc tissue. This failed, and he went through follow up surgeries to remove his vertebral bone – all to no avail. Eventually he got a spinal fusion, and the doctors who applied it were shocked how much bone had been cut from his spine by the previous operations.

In fact, fusion by itself isn’t always the answer. Sometimes it makes patients get worse, and there are investigations underway now to try curtailing the number of spinal fusions that are undertaken.

That’s the great thing about going to a chiropractor…

…You’re not getting a spinal fusion.

Instead, you’re seeing an advocate of low impact intervention. Someone who does not want to cut open your body and bolt bone to bone to set things straight.

The chiropractor believes your body can do that on it’s own. Treating back pain is the chiropractor’s mainstay, which will help you be able to fend off chronic pain, which is usually the kind that leads to fusion in the first place. If more work is done in a low impact way to strengthen your back, the less high impact work you’ll be liable to need.


After a car accident, most people have gotten neck trauma. While everyone goes to the chiropractor for their neck, they don’t always go for headaches. However, the two are related.

In fact there are millions of adults with neck pain just from the stress of daily living. Chiropractors can help you with that, and that in turn can stop up to 80 percent of headaches from continuing.

These headaches can be tension headaches or migraines, which are known as vascular. Perhaps you didn’t know that two of the major arteries leading into your brain are located inside the vertebrae of the neck. There are actually holes for them in the cervical spine, which means your chiropractor has a certain amount of control over what you experience in your brain.

Give one a call – and remember it doesn’t hurt if they have access to an MRI, procedure rooms with anesthesiologists ready to give you a facet block or an epidural.

You’ll be prepared that way in case you need more help than a few check ups.