Scoliosis Screens For Kids In Conyers

Jul 9, 2018

Scoliosis Screens For Kids In Conyers | AICA ConyersAround age eight, you should start checking your children for scoliosis, an abnormal curve in the spine. Without early intervention, scoliosis causes serious back pain and eventually leading to arthritis in the spine.

Our Conyers chiropractors want your children to grow happy and healthy, without pain. Knowing the signs of scoliosis and checking your kids is an important step.

Checking Your Kids For Scoliosis

You can check your children yourself or by your local chiropractors at AICA Conyers. Here’s how to check your kids at home:

The Adam’s Test for Scoliosis

With your child bent at the waist, stand behind them to check the curve of the spine. A typical back should have an even curve. You should also look at their ribcage while they are in this position. There may be cause for concern if you notice more bulging on one side than the other.

Have Your Child Stand Up Straight

Check for the following:

  • Are their shoulders level?
  • Are their hips level?
  • As they stand, does their spine look straight or curved? A sideways curve is a problem.

Contact AICA Conyers To Treat Scoliosis

If you observed shoulders or hips at different levels, uneven rib cages or a sideways curve of your child’s spine, the chiropractors at AICA Conyers are here to help. Early discovery of scoliosis can lead to more successful management and treatment.

Call AICA Conyers to book an appointment for your child today.