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When Is Chiropractic Treatment In Conyers Ongoing?
May 12, 2015

Ongoing Chiropractic Treatment in Conyers | AICA ConyersChiropractic care can be a bewildering thing to a lot of people, just what they do and why they do it isn’t always clear. This is worsened when some chiropractic patients swear they don’t know how they ever lived without their treatments, while others insist they’re a waste of time.

The one big thing that worries people about chiropractic care is the idea that the first adjustment is only the start of a lifetime of continuous adjustments, which is a big commitment. However, other patients say that’s not always required. So, just when is chiropractic treatment in Conyers ongoing?

Instant Relief Doesn’t Last

These days the message we keep hearing over and over is that if it works faster it must be better, and that there’s simply no time for anything that doesn’t provide immediate results. Pain medications claim to provide instant relief and weight loss supplements boast unbelievable results in virtually no time at all.

What that message misses is the fact that long lasting, quality results can’t come from from quick fixes; and chiropractic care is all about reaching and maintaining quality results. It’s just not something that happens in just a couple of visits.

It Takes Time to Build a Relationship

Would you go to your dentist or your hair stylist once and then never see them again? After one visit would you feel qualified to fill your own cavities or cut your own hair?

The work your chiropractor does is very hands-on and requires a consistent face-to-face relationship, and the same goes for your dentist or hair stylist. In all of these situations a specialist needs to make physical adjustments that you can’t do alone at home.

It’s true, your chiropractor will probably recommend exercises for you to do at home in between adjustments, but these are simply intended to maintain your progress until your next session, not replace the benefits of regular professional adjustments.

Ongoing, also known as supportive, chiropractic care is very important, especially if you’re recovering from an injury. As the body heals things change, and ongoing care is the only way to keep up.

Spine Health is Like Heart Health

You probably accept that exercising one time isn’t going to equal a suddenly healthy heart and body, so why would you expect one adjustment to equal a suddenly healthy spine? Ongoing treatment does for your spine what exercising four days a week does for your heart, and that’s not something that can be rushed.