Helpful Tips for Getting Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Helpful Tips for Getting Workers’ Compensation Benefits | AICA ConyersLike many things in life, receiving workers’ compensation benefits and keeping payments going are all about timing, and this time could either make or break your workers’ compensation case. Some of the most helpful tips to having a successful claim are identified below.

Give a Prompt Notice

What to Do if Your Benefits Are Denied

If your benefits are denied, act quickly in filing an application to have an administrative hearing completed with your state’s worker compensation board. After you have filed a claim, request a copy of your file and make copies of important documents. When looking through your medical records, ensure that reports document how your injury is related to work, the injury’s full diagnosis, chiropractic treatment plans, and any partial or permanent disability rating. If you have experienced any mental disability like depression after your injury, make sure that this is fully documented.

Seek Expert Assistance

If you suspect that fraud is occurring on either the part of your employer or insurer, immediately report it to your worker’s compensation board’s fraud unit. Medical fraud should also be reported to the professional licensing office of your state. In addition, if you feel that your insurer did not act properly, be sure to file a written complaint with the insurance department in your state.

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