Changing Your Posture May Relieve Chronic Neck Pain

Nov 8, 2017

Changing Your Posture May Relieve Chronic Neck Pain | AICA ConyersDo you find yourself exhausted on a daily basis? Do you experience continuous neck pain and recurring headaches? If so, it may be caused by the position your head maintains. When your head is positioned appropriately, your ears should be centered over the edge of your shoulders. If your ears tilt forward, then your head is too, which is a posture that’s referred to as “forward-head carriage.” For each inch that your head is not aligned with your shoulders, additional weight and pressure are applied to your neck muscles.

Environment and Lifestyle

The demands of today’s professional environments and personal life choices have profound effects on your health, specifically your muscles and joints. Employees who are confined to workstations that comprise of computer monitors and keyboards, most are forced to hunch over as they type and peer into the screen. Kids and teens these days are usually parked in front of their gaming systems or cradling their smartphone devices between their ears and shoulders. Even long-commutes cause drivers to tilt their heads forward for excessive amounts of time. If not addressed, it is possible to develop disc compression, among other chronic conditions.

Natural Ways To Treat Chronic Neck Pain

To avoid consuming prescription medications that can cause adverse side effects, consider the following natural ways to treat chronic neck pain. You can also contact our Conyers Chiropractors to schedule an adjustment for immediate results.

  • Make an effort to leave your workstation each hour and walk or stretch for at least ten minutes. Doing so prevents your joints from becoming constricted and helps support a healthy circulatory system.
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend watching television or using a gaming station.
  • Try to maintain correct posture throughout the day with your back straight and your head set in an upright position.
  • Sleep on a firm mattress using a cervical pillow
  • Exercise at least three times each week for 60 minutes focusing on your core muscles
  • Avoid smoking cigarettes
  • Maintain a healthy, balanced diet

Contact AICA Conyers For Permanent Neck Pain Relief

All of the listed solutions should be maintained to prevent neck pain from developing over time. However, only Chiropractic Treatment can provide immediate results if you currently suffer from chronic neck pain. Contact our Conyers Chiropractic clinic to schedule a free consultation or a same-day examination. Our clinic is open Monday through Sunday for your convenience and provides 24/7 access if you have any questions. Just dial (404) 602-0386 to speak with one of our staff members.


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