Diagnose and Relieve Pain with Fluoroscopy

Aug 17, 2021

You don’t have to live with spine or joint pain! There are many types of treatment options and ways to address your pain and discomfort in your spine and joints that range from non-invasive to surgical interventions. In many cases, people are living with undiagnosed pain and it starts to affect their quality of life. Visit a Conyers imaging center to begin your process toward pain relief by getting a diagnosis for your pain. Fluoroscopy is one such method for diagnosing and relieving your pain. Doctors and radiologists will help to identify what is causing your pain and develop a treatment plan tailored to your body’s needs so you can start experiencing relief.

What Is Fluoroscopy?

There are several ways to diagnose an issue that is causing you pain. One of these options is called a fluoroscopy. Unlike the traditional X-ray, a fluoroscopy provides continuous images of the affected area almost like a video or movie. A traditional X-ray provides two-dimensional images of the affected area for your radiologist and doctor to examine. With a fluoroscopy, they are able to visualize the area in real-time with continuous X-ray images. A fluoroscopy uses a special machine that is portable so the doctor can move it around your body and get the best images of the affected area. Doctors also utilize a fluoroscopy with certain injections to confirm the accuracy of the injection site so that you can experience pain relief in a specific area. This means your doctor will be able to watch a live visual of the injection needle so they can confirm it is going to the precise area of your spine or joint.

When you visit an imaging center for a fluoroscopy, you will be positioned on an X-ray table that will provide the technician with the best access to the affected area where you are experiencing pain. If you are receiving a therapeutic injection, then the injection site will be cleaned and you may receive a local anesthetic to numb the area. In some cases, your doctor may request a fluoroscopy with contrast. This means you may receive an injection of a contrast dye to the area that will help highlight certain areas of the body and provide greater contrast to the images.

3 Examples of Fluoroscopy Exams

Here are three examples of fluoroscopy exams and how they can help with diagnosis and pain relief.


The arthrogram is utilized to find the specific source of your joint pain so that your doctor can make an informed diagnosis. People can experience joint pain all across the body, and an arthrogram can be used to diagnose a wide range of pain issues, like in the shoulder, hip, or knee. An arthrogram will use fluoroscopy to guide the needle into the affected joint so a contrast dye may be injected. The contrast dye will help identify the specific area by distending the joint. This is a nonsurgical, minimally invasive option for identifying and diagnosing the cause of your joint pain.


The discogram helps to diagnose pain associated with spinal discs. If you have a herniated disc or disc degeneration, your doctor may recommend a discogram with fluoroscopy to confirm the diagnosis and pinpoint the specific area affected. During a discogram, you may also receive a therapeutic injection to the specific disc so you can experience pain relief. In some cases, people experience immediate pain relief from their spinal disc issue after a discogram.


A myelogram is a type of procedure that uses fluoroscopy to diagnose your back pain. This type of procedure also involves using a contrast dye in the general area of your pain so the doctor can get a better look at the affected area. When you experience chronic back pain that is undiagnosed, a myelogram can help pinpoint the source of your pain. The contrast dye helps provide the doctor with greater imaging and understanding of what is going on in your spine that is causing your back pain.

How Can Fluoroscopy Help?

Fluoroscopy helps to diagnose back and joint pain and also to support minimally invasive procedures that include therapeutic injections. Find out whether this type of medical imaging technique is right for you by visiting our Conyers imaging center with AICA Orthopedics. Meet with our team of doctors to learn more about how you can experience lasting pain relief for your spine or joint pain.