I Need A Chiropractor In Conyers Right Now, Where Should I Go?

Where Should I Go for Chiropractic Care in Conyers | AICA ConyersAre you in need of immediate service in the Conyers area? We can help. AICA is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help whenever an emergency arises. Need help in a pinch? Read on to learn how to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor in Conyers, GA.


You are welcome to schedule an appointment in person at the AICA clinic in Conyers, which is established along Wall Street SE, between Avalon Road and Salem Road SE, three intersections south of Exit 84 off I-20. AICA is across the street from BB&T Bank and diagonally across the intersection from QuikTrip. Although Conyers is a bit distant from MARTA’s easternmost stop, AICA can and will send its own transportation to where you are waiting should transportation become necessary.


Call (404) 602-0386 to speak with a doctor or to schedule an appointment with the same. Of course, you are always to walk into any branch at any time. That’s right, AICA never sleeps but stands by the way, ready to take your call, all day, every day, day and night, and through the night.

What to Prepare:

Because we employ medical professionals, in addition to chiropractors, AICA is unique, so prepare a list of all your ailments and discomforts, no matter how frivolous, that might be connected to your spinal cord because (let’s face it) your whole body is. The chiropractor with whom you are initially scheduled might then suggest your meeting with a neurologist, orthopediatrician, physical therapist, etc.

What to Expect:

The average alignment lasts for half hour, and the average X-ray scan lasts under half hour, and a consultation lasts typically for about the same time, so prepare yourself to spend as many as 90 minutes at the clinic. Keep in mind that you might need to extend your visit with either an magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computerized tomography (CT) scan, so choose a day when you have the opportunity for complete testing. AICA uses in-house MRI scanners for your convenience.

What to Bring:

Your first X-ray scan and consultation are, but you still ought to bring your health insurance card and government-issued identification to your first appointment. If you were involved in a collision, then bring your police-report number, photographs of the impact to show the doctor, and a mental recollection of what happened during the accident. Wear clothes that are comfortable, loose-fitting.

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