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Relieve Pain with the Right Running Shoe
Sep 27, 2013

Relieve Pain with the Right Running Shoe | AICA ConyersMost running shoes feel comfortable when you’re in an athletic store, but after you put a few miles on them, they may not hold up as well as you’d hoped. You may find that your perfect shoe isn’t so great after all, once you hit the road running. Finding the best running shoe depends on your running style and foot shape, and by finding the perfect fit, you can help to relieve pain caused by running.

Your Foot

If you are trying to buy a new pair of running shoes, the first thing you should do is to have your foot measured properly. Shoe size will vary by manufacturer, so it is important to try on the shoe if at all possible, as you might need a size larger or smaller than you think. In terms of width, women commonly wear a B-width while men wear a D-width, but you don’t need to wear a shoe that is specific to your gender. Women: if you have a wider foot, try on a men’s shoe.

Where You Run

Do you prefer to run on trails or on the road? Shoes for road running are best suited for pavement. They provide a lightness and flexibility, and they work to stabilize and cushion the foot when running on hard surfaces. Likewise, shoes for trail running are specifically designed for running on off-road routes. They have outsoles for greater stability, support, and traction, and they can be essential in pain prevention.

Types of Shoes

There are several different types of running shoes for you to choose from. These include cushioning, stability, and motion control shoes, and you should keep the amount of roll your foot experiences while running in mind when making your selection.

Even with the right running shoe, you may experience an injury or pain due to running. In the event that this occurs, contact your local Conyers chiropractic clinic for assistance.