Signs Telling You It’s Time To See A Chiropractor For Neck and Shoulder Pain

Dec 17, 2015

If you consider experiencing pain as you turn your neck or flex your shoulders to be a part of your normal routine, you should seriously consider visiting one of our Conyers Chiropractors.

If pain is deterring your ability to live a comfortable and active lifestyle, you might be suffering from some type of debilitating condition that limits your mobility and permanently damages the ligaments, tendons, and muscles that surround your neck and shoulders.

The demands of your professional and personal environments have a significant affect on your overall wellbeing.

Remaining stationary for hours at a time at an office, lifting heavy objects at a construction site, or crouching on your hands and knees while repairing a hot water heater are all conditions that apply excessive amounts of tension to your neck and shoulder areas.

Because these areas already carry tension that naturally builds throughout your day, exposing yourself to the conditions mentioned above only increases the risk for injuring yourself.

Health Concerns

When your neck is at its peak condition and is completely relaxed, your blood and nerves flow more fluidly, allowing more oxygen to transfer evenly throughout your body. In turn, this supports your ability to feel more relaxed and alert.

Conversely, when your neck and shoulders are too tense, your blood flow becomes restricted and you can experience a variety of conditions that range from extreme fatigue to complete immobilization.

Chiropractic Care

Meeting with a Chiropractor can help relieve you of your stress and if you’re relatively new to the world of Chiropractic medicine; it’s important to know that the practice is completely safe and effective for treating neck and shoulder pain.

Applying particular adjustments that help realign your internal systems allow for immediate pain relief, as well as help mitigate risks associated with long-term damage.

When It’s Time To Visit A Chiropractor

If carrying pain in your neck and shoulders is something you’ve grown accustom to, you may be unsure as to the extent of your condition or if it’s serious enough to seek professional help.

Review the following signs that help identify when it’s time to schedule an appointment with one of our Chiropractors.

  • If you were recently involved in a car accident and are experiencing any amount of pain.
  • If you are experiencing pain that continues to fluctuate in intensity and severity.
  • If you are unable to move your neck right or left without feeling pain.
  • If you are using an excessive amount of pain medication to help you continue throughout your day.
  • If the type of stiffness or pain you feel does not improve or diminish after a few days.
  • If your neck pain is at its worst in the morning, but slowly dissipates throughout the day.

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