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The Six Things Most People In Conyers, GA Don’t Know About Chiropractic Treatment
Dec 15, 2015

Athletes Visit Chiropractors To Stay Well, Not Just Treat Injuries

Chiropractors are movement and mobility specialists who serve as an integral part of any athlete’s success, from high schoolers to olympians.

Popular athletes like Chipper Jones, Deon Sanders, Matt Ryan, and Julio Jones visit a chiropractor on a monthly basis in order to address various aches and sores, as well as to prevent injuries from occurring.

Athletes that use Chiropractic treatment on a continuous basis tend to experience better biomechanics, balance, and coordination that helps them perform more consistently and aggressively.

Chiropractic Medicine Tends To Your Nervous System In Order To Treat A Variety of Conditions

Did you know that your nerves control and allow you to perform almost every type of function you depend on?

Your nerves originate within your spinal cord and send signals to the rest of your body that, essentially offer direction on how it needs to perform. When the pathway of your nerves becomes disrupted or blocked because the surrounding spinal columns are not performing correctly, subluxations begin to develop.

Because your nerves have such a significant influence on the rest of your body’s health, it is not uncommon for Chiropractors to treat patients who suffer multiple ailments like back pain and irritable bowel syndrome, or someone who struggles with acid reflux and an upper back fixation.

If You’re Experiencing Pain, You’re Experiencing The Last Symptom of Dysfunction

Most patients who suffer from a restricted or unstable back have usually dealt with their condition for quite some time before realizing it.

Just because you do not experience pain, does not mean that your body is in great condition or that you are not on the verge of suffering from some type of injury.

Ligament, joint, and/or muscle injuries are usually the result of some type of disfunction in a patient’s biomechanics that developed from past injuries.

Chiropractors Help Restore Mobility

The role of your Chiropractor is not to “fix” your injury or broken back. Rather, their focus is to repair and restore proper functionality to your joints, nerves, muscles, and ligaments. By doing so, built up stress and tension are able to be relieved, which allows your body to heal organically and correctly.

Generally, Chiropractic philosophy believes that all disease stems from a disruption in the body’s ability to transmit signals through your nerve cells. When this flow is blocked or disrupted, your ability to heal and/or fend of disease-causing agents significantly diminishes.

That’s why our doctors provide thorough examinations that identify which spinal levels are causing areas of your body to become dysfunctional. From here, they are able to adjust these areas in order to restore proper nerve flow, which allows your nervous system to function correctly.

Chiropractors Treat People of All Ages

From toddlers to senior citizens, Chiropractic treatment is designed to address various conditions that affect people of all ages.

For seniors, Chiropractic treatment helps relieve pain, while also increasing their mobility, range of motion, and overall balance.

For infants, physicians actually check on new borns just moments after their birth in order to ensure that any type of misalignment within their upper vertebrae does not exist.

Children who visit a Chiropractor on a monthly basis have shown to possess healthier brain and nervous systems, which diminishes the chance of suffering from common conditions like:

  • allergies
  • bed-wetting
  • sleep disorders
  • asthma
  • colic
  • behavioral disorders.

Receiving A Chiropractic Adjustment Does Not Hurt

Some patients that are newer to the world of Chiropractic procedure might be concerned over how adjustments are performed and why type of experiences they entail.

The good news is that spinal adjustments and manipulations are not painful, nor do they contain any type of negative side effect.

Most neck adjustments involve a direct, quick thrust to particular spinal bones that may causes a cracking sound. The sound is indicative of space that’s created within the joint is adjusted and the gas that’s released after.

Adjustments do not wear down your joints and most patients describe feeling more relaxed, at ease, and notice significant improvement to their posture after receiving one.