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Unique Health Conditions That AICA Conyers Chiropractors Can Treat
Jan 6, 2017

Unique Health Conditions That AICA Conyers Chiropractors Can Treat | AICA COnyersWhether you have never been to AICA Conyers before, or are a three times a week type of patient, you may not realize all of the different health issues that out Chiropractor address.

Chiropractic treatment is all based on the concept that the body can naturally heal itself, and with the right adjustments, Chiropractors can support your body’s ability to heal and overcome some unexpected conditions.

In fact, many patients are unaware of just how much our Chiropractor can do and just how effective Chiropractic treatment is.

Unique Health Conditions That Chiropractic Treats

Here are five particular conditions that the Chiropractors at AICA Conyers treat that many patients are unaware of.

Weakened Immune Systems

There are specific reasons as to why patients often possess weak immune systems.

It is imperative that when you do have a weak immune system that you do whatever you can to boost it.

Otherwise, you are at serious risk of developing all types of viruses without not being able to overcome them in a healthy amount of time.

Chiropractors treat subluxations in the spine that prevent the nervous system from performing correctly.

Medical research proves that spinal adjustments increase white blood cell counts to fend off harmful substances, which is why Chiropractic treatment is considered to be perfect for improving immune health.


Both migraines and tension headaches are some of the most painful conditions that you can suffer from.

They can not only make it difficult to prepare for the day, but they can come with some serious side effects as well. Many prescription drugs and painkillers are not strong enough to get treat these migraines, but AICA’s Chiropractors can.

Studies show that 72 percent of patients experiencing migraines notice substantial improvement with their headaches after receiving a Chiropractic Adjustment.


Fibromyalgia is a neurological condition that affects millions of people and leaves individuals with chronic pain all over their bodies, while also disrupting their regular sleep patterns.

Since Chiropractic care in Conyers addresses the nervous system, it can also help treat patients experiencing fibromyalgia.

Anxiety and Stress

Our Conyers Chiropractors provide support for your spine and your nervous system.

When subluxations in the spine block the nervous system from performing correctly, it can lead to other issues in the body, including increased susceptibility to stress and anxiety.

Chiropractic treatment helps the body cope with stress and anxiety and process it in a healthier way.

Sinus Issues

When you have significant congestion and sinus infections, visit your Conyers Chiropractor right away.

Our approach and the type of techniques we use can help relieve sinus pressure and sinus pain, help with pain in your ears, and allow you to recover from your illness sooner.

While the cold and flu season may be upon us, Chiropractic care can help you avoid missing out on your daily routine, because of sinus pain.

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