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Working from Home and Experiencing Back Pain? Chiropractic Can Help!
Mar 8, 2021

Working from Home and Experiencing Back PainIf you’ve switched to a home office in recent months, you’ve probably had to make a few adjustments in your working day. This may involve a new office chair, or in some cases, needing to work from another location like your couch or bed during the day. You may notice that this comes with some other troubles like neck or back pain. The good news is that if you’re wondering what you can do to alleviate this pain, the answer is as simple as, “find a chiropractor near me who can help!”

Back Pain & Your Home Office

The most common back problem related to work is lower back pain. This can occur for a range of reasons, but poor posture brought on from long periods of sittings is the most common. When you slump or slouch in your chair, your spine is out of alignment, causing pressure on the nerves, ligaments, and muscles surrounding it. This can cause pain in the lower back, where much of the pressure is concentrated.

Slouching may also be affected by your screen’s height. As we crane our necks to look at the phone or computer screen, our neck and cervical spine are out of alignment, causing similar problems as you experience in the lower back.

All of these problems were common when we worked in the office as well, but working from home may have exacerbated them as well. Without a proper home office setup, some people will be unable to follow guidance on how to sit properly and avoid slouching. Additionally, in the office, many people get up periodically to walk between conference rooms, visit with coworkers, or go to the break room. At home, we are more likely to sit for extended periods of time, taking away changes for the back to stretch and realign throughout the day.

Many people are also experiencing stress and mental health impacts from working from home and the circumstances that require it. Stress can also lead to back pain, as the muscles tighten and circulation is impeded. This can also cause back pain in many cases.

Preventing Back Pain

Ideally, we would be able to have home offices that do not lend themselves to back and neck pain. Once you are experiencing issues, a chiropractor near you will be able to advise you on some ways to make your office healthier for your back. But if you still haven’t noticed any problems, there is time for you to make the proper changes. Some ways to make your home office more ergonomic may include:

  • Make sure your monitor is raised or lowered to be at eye level. If your gaze falls naturally on the screen, you won’t have to tilt your head or lean forward. You can also adjust your chair height as needed.
  • Find an office chair where you can adjust the height, backrest, and armrest to accommodate your height and size. A chair with lumbar support and the ability to swivel can also help make movement and sitting easier. It is also always better to use a proper chair instead of a couch or dining room seat where possible.
  • Maintain proper posture while keeping your body relaxed.
  • Get up frequently to walk around or stretch. Set a reminder on your calendar if you need to!

Treating Back Pain

Once your spine has become misaligned, it is important to return it to a natural state to relieve pain and prevent further damage. From there, you can begin implementing proactive measures to prevent problems again in the future.

Your first visit to the chiropractor will begin with a discussion of your symptoms and your home office set up so that they can determine what your treatment should look like. Chiropractors use manual adjustment of the spine to help realign the vertebrae, relieving pressure on the nerves and inflammation and alleviating your pain. Over time, a chiropractor will be able to help you work from home without experiencing these side effects.

Chiropractors will focus on these techniques that address the root cause of your pain rather than relying on medication to hide symptoms. If you may be working at home for the long term, it can be helpful to have a chiropractic routine in place to keep your spine healthy.

At AICA Conyers, our chiropractors work as part of holistic teams of specialists to develop treatment plans customized for you and your needs. Whether you just started working from home or you’ve been remote for months, AICA Conyers will provide treatment and guidance to prevent further back pain.